Monday, October 21, 2013

Saying goodbye..

Oh this is hard. Truth is we're doing just fine now, but every time I go to blogger to make the post I dread making, it all comes rushing back. Bells died almost a month ago. It was very peaceful. He died in my arms, in our bed. He had a twisted liver lobe which usually kills bunnies instantly, or so I'm told. So the fact that he lived with it as long as he did, weeks, maybe even months, is truly a miracle. We got an amazing opportunity to say good bye to him and spoil him so much extra extra. He gave us plenty of warning that he was on his way, and we will be forever grateful to him for that. As so many of you know, the heartbreak is unbelievable, but this is my first time dealing with a broken hearted bunny survivor, Nuage. To see him grieving was more than I could stand. So after lots of research we decided to take him to the humane society to see if there might be a bunny in need that he got along with. Mission accomplished. We will introduce her soon! I never wanted this blog to bring anything but joy, so forgive me for taking so long to make this post. I also wanted to make sure that by the time I made this post I'd have some good news, and that good news is Nuage and Tolly. They are ridiculous together, she's a little turbo charged hotot that has him running around the boat like a spring chicken. Nuage and Bells were together for almost 10 years and no bunny will ever replace him, but it sure is nice watching him show off his boat to a new friend, even though she very clearly runs the entire show. Thank you all for sending so much good energy our way and for following all our adventures. Bells will definitely go down in history as a bunny that was loved around the world, and I know that he knew that. Thank you for loving him. He loved you too!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bells needs a miracle!

Bells needs your prayers, well wishes or magic bunny love bombs! You've brought him back to life with all your healing energy before, amazing the whole staff of the animal medical center who were trying to prepare me for the worst. Lets see if we can do it again!! If you need to visualize what's happening, he has a lot of fluid building up in his abdomen. This is indicative of some very serious problems. First I need to eliminate the fluid so we can determine what is actually wrong. His kidneys are weak and his protein is low. Right now I'm trying to keep him eating enough and drinking enough that he can handle the meds. He's hanging in there but just barely. This fluid is putting a lot of pressure on his organs. He's been very strong and snuggling with Nuage. He's such a sensitive creature, I know he'll appreciate any thoughts you send his way! We LOVE you all!

Friday, June 21, 2013

No bunny here...just super fresh glass right out of the studio!

AH HA!! I thought some of these crops lately seemed a little off! Now I know for sure. Anyone else having cropping issues with the mobile version of blogger? Or is it just me? I'm looking at my latest posts and the right side of all the photos have been lopped big deal I'm not particular about stuff like doesn't bother me at all...really...I'm super easy going and this doesn't remind of nails on the chalkboard or anything else like that all I'm fine I'm totally fine...just going to slowly step away from my phone and computer and do some really deep breathing exercises, put on my yoga pants and meditate my way out of this!

Starting my ETSY page soon! Any helpful hints greatly appreciated!

I'll have a page for my very reasonably priced super cute glass objects, and I'll have a separate page for my photographs. I know there are a bunch of etsy wizards out there...feel free to get real bossy with me, I welcome any and all advice!

cutie PIE in the SKY

Friday, June 07, 2013

Winner at Sundance. WARNING: this film is not cute or fluffy. It is important.

you've probably noticed that the bunnies steer clear of politics. what you may not know is that they love documentaries! pair that with a lot of soft spots for rick rowley and jeremy scahill, well now...they just had to do their part. if you can and if you can take it, go see "dirty wars". rick and jeremy's courage and integrity is unprecedented. please let this brave and fearlessly honest film be an inspiration to us all. complacency and ignorance kills. please do what you can to support safety, freedom and love. Thank you RICK and JEREMY for fighting the good fight! what a relief to be able to trust somebody to tell the hard truths. 

Bunnies assume the position as they wait for the premier of "dirty wars" by Rick Rowley and Jeremy Scahill

Little girl gives Nuage a dandelion

Little girl gives Nuage the finger

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

bells summons his inner I Ching.

real men serenade their bunnies.

patient patients at the vet...if it's not one bunny leg, it's another!

look at those little faces, do you see it...the determination? these bunnies are putting me through the test!  i swear they're seemingly scheming to come up with new stuff every week, and i'll be darned if i'm not going to pass each one of their furry neurotic tests. i just hope that at the end of this perpetual, relentless revolving door of vet visits, they promise me to live forever.  bring it on boys!  i'm going to take care of you if it's the last thing i do, and it just might be! vive le bun bun!!

Testing testing...posting from my phone...really??!!

Friday, March 29, 2013


hello hello help help!!  we have just this morning befriended a new bunny owner and her bunny is not doing well. given all the trouble my bunnies have had over the years i thought i could help her, but she seems to have a set of issues that i have yet to encounter.  so if ANY of you bunny EXPERTS out there have some ideas, pretty please GO TO THE COMMENT SECTION, as she will be checking there for any advice.  

first of all she's in the east riding of yorkshire in a town called hull, so any vet recommendations would be a great start!! the bunny is going to the vet tomorrow, not sure if the vet is an exotics specialist or not, but this woman says the vet treats guinea pigs, rabbits, hedgehogs hopefully!!! although she thinks this is just a regular vet.  

this bunny has lost half her body weight.  she stopped eating as much as she usual a couple of weeks ago and these last couple of days she has dropped off quite a bit more.  only eating parsley, spinach, apple, no pellets and i don't know whether or not she's been eating hay. 

she has been urinating more frequently and the urine has a stronger odor and has not been going in her litter box. i'm not sure about her pooping.  no drooling. very very thin.  still grooming herself, looking for a lot of extra attention from her mama since last nightlicking a lot. this is this woman's first rabbit so she's very new to bunny care and what to look out for...this is a beloved pet and any help or advice that you may have for her would be greatly appreciated.  i've been piecing the details together through little notes back and forth so i'm sorry if i've missed important details! i just wanted to try to help her before i have to run off to work...once again, please go to the comments to help her if you have any ideas, she'll be checking.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

apple branch update = goose on a cool blue roof

what i do to these bunnies for a photo may have you concerned and understandably so. i'm sure the contact info for PETA is out there on the world wide web, and bell's may appreciate you phoning them on his behalf. as a rabbit photojournalist, i have some tough decisions to make.  this morning there was a goose fight on our lower roof.  we think the neighborhood geese have decided this is a pretty cool hangout. adding more interest, we have an abundance of apple branches up there that we'd like to move along to your bunnies and the geese want in on it. you may not think there could possibly be a newsworthy apple branch update, but that's where you're wrong. around 6am we heard little tapping toenails and tiny walking sounds.  then we heard an increase from a seeming landing followed by a mighty bellow of zesty squawks.  that continued on for hours until this goose above apparently won out, staking his claim with his woman. how can i not get a bunny in on it?!?!   bells was not harmed, annoyed perhaps, but now that i look more closely maybe he didn't really even wake up. the photo shoot lasted less than 30 seconds. i apologize for the quality, it's a cell phone.

a BIG shout out to vegansaraus!!!  they did a really nice post on their blog about the apple branch taste test. we love them and we especially love meave!!!  click on this to checkout the most amazing, inspiring and comprehensive vegan website in the universe.

apple branches still available!