Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sorry IE users...

New to the blogosphere.
Added left-hand sidebar.
Inadvertently contributed to world going to hell.


Tom said...

Alice -

Thanks for the kind words about I was surprised to hear that people reading my blog had found yours, as I assume that only a handful of friends and neighbors are even remotely interested in what I have to say.

That said, I do love potentiallynervous -- just the balm that is needed in a world going to hell: cute bunnies.

I told a friend of mine about your site, she saw it, loved it, and is now telling friends of hers (who have five rescued rabbits) about it. So the word spreads.

Tom said...

Alice -

Will you send me an e-mail address for you, please? I'd like to ask you a few questions, and it seems inefficient to do so through the comments section.