Monday, June 02, 2008

bad news buns...for update check the comments.


Alice said...

the bad news is that fats needs to have his toe amputated tomorrow. he's been on antibiotics for a month now and the swelling is going down but he's losing bone mass. they hope it's not a tumor. to be safe they're recommending removing it. it's a simple procedure but anything is risky with rabbits of course.

Anonymous said...

Hopeful prayers coming from Brazil....

Michelle M. May said...

Oooooh Noooo! My sweet baby bunny boy. I know he will be ok. Positive, happy, good thoughts and prayers coming your way Fatty.

Love Auntie Shell, Razzy and Chloe

Alice said...

hey folks,

so fatty had his surgery today and is really struggling.

forgive us if we take a day or two off from posting but who knows he may just snap to any minute in which case we'll be letting you know some more happy bunny photos!!

bunny love,


Alice said...

starting to snap to!!

arugula seems to be the only green that makes the cut and he's snubbing all carrots.

just waiting for a little 'action' in the litter box now.

new posts soon to come but until then i'll be digging through the archives.



DK & The Fluffies said...

I hope he is feeling better - you are in our thoughts.