Friday, November 21, 2008

where's my camera battery charger?!?

hey folks, we've moved again!  everything is an obstacle course.  i know where my rabbits are but that's about it.  i haven't posted in forever i know, but i'm going to get back on it with a vengeance one of these days soon i hope.  looking forward to the days when taking bunny pictures can once again be a top priority!!!  

thank you ALL for checking in,


p.s. grab one these bunny forts from tania at 24 carrot lane, tell her fatty sent ya!


Ani Smith said...

Phew. You were gone so long I spiraled into a terrible withdrawal. I am now completely cured of my bunny picture addiction, thank heavens.

I am happy to relapse, of course.

CrazyBunnyLady said...

Congrats on the move.

demarcom said...

GOOD GOD! I haven't received season 4 of The Wire yet and now you are delayed in providing us with footage of Bunnies???? What are you trying to do? Kill my faith in humanity? This is the only place I can go for quality internet!