Wednesday, January 14, 2009

PN proudly presents frou frou, the 14 year old bunny!!


Anonymous said...

14 years old! Wow! Frou Frou doesn't look anywhere near 14!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

14!!!!!!!! Wow! That's wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Frou frou is a 14 year old bunny? Are u serious?!

Alice said...

i AM serious!!!!! how exciting is that?!?!?! i hate the question... how long do bunnies live....whenever i feel inspired to try to answer that question politely i always tell them about frou frou.

Anonymous said...

you hate that question? i hate [or more honestly am envious of] your answer.i have seen some 11 year old bunnies on the rabbit forums but never 14 year olds.

wait until one of your bunnies gets to seven or so and then you will start worrying about bunny life expectancy. my nethie made it to nine and at that he was terribly frail and arthritic towards the end.he would just sit on his cushions and stare into the fire, not even his girlbunny could pique his interest. it really hurts to think that i could have have had another four or more year with him :/

Alice said...

gee anonymous i can't tell what's up with this comment. my bunnies ARE 7. i know that they have a short life expectancy and i don't like to think about it, who would????

i got them when they were 3 months and have always been amazed at how many people have to ask this question. it became a constant reminder of "hey don't forget your rabbit is going to die soon!"

so i'm not sure what your point is about wait until they are 7, i have ALWAYS worried about it. which is why i hate that question. i find a lot of hope and maybe false comfort in knowing a happy healthy 14 year old rabbit. i know he's unusual but he's our inspiration.

i'm very sorry for your loss, very. after what you've been through though i'd think you'd understand why no bunny lover wants to think a rabbit dying or being reminded of their supposedly short life span.

usually after that question i'll break down and cry thinking about one of them dying....all because some ignorant stranger wants to know? so ya, i HATE that question.

Anonymous said...

aww, i am desperately sorry :( it was not my intention to trigger any upset, with my comment, I thought I had made it clear that i just felt upset thinking that a bunny could have lived that long-and it wasn't mine who got to do all of that extra living. i've l heard of the dog that lived to be 21 and am ok with that but a rabbit living well into the teens is something i still have to come to terms with.

7 was the age when i began to think " hmm, my bunny is getting on in years" before that he was so rarely ill that i hadn't had cause to be worried.I didn't know your own rabbits were closing in on 7, -I am not terribly familiar with your blog yet- I just came across your site from lolbunnies this week and was admiring your pretty photography when this caught my eye and it hurt.

I know people can be ignorant in believing that rabbits have a brief lifespan-but then again they are mostly the kind of rabbit owners that have a poor bunny stuck out in a hutch in their garden in all weathers, who's sole source of human contact is a vigorous five year old being too rough with it.

on the flipside of it you get well meaning friends and relatives "gently reminding" you of the inevitable; everytime without fail when i visited my grandparents, i would get the " you know bunnies don't live forever, and gizmo is getting to be an old man, now..." talk from my nana when i was in senior school, through college 'til three years after i had graduated. -i just used to roll my eyes at her a lot! i think the last couple of years everyone i knew was banking on him being methuseline bunny, [secretly i hoped he would live forever], and then he just kind of slowed down into old age. he had a full life,and was greatly cherished,as I can tell your dear one's are. [please don't cry :( i meant no ill with my previous comment-merely regret]