Saturday, September 26, 2009

everything's better with a bunny...especially music videos.

everything's better with a bunny...i know it, you know it, and chase does too.

this was 'backstage' for a very different kind of music video shoot. while nuage was getting ready for THAT video, this one was shot as a behind the scenes sort of thing...thanks amy! while watching the footage, chase pierson, of mechanical bull,, hillbillyhousemusic not to mention the singer, songwriter AND the director... liked it with his song stephine.

nuage is hoping that if we give mr. pierson a bunch of credit then someday he will start giving nuage a little. ; ). nuage was also on the first album cover for mechanical bull. perhaps the controversy surrounding his pick of a rabbit for the front cover made crediting nuage too awkward?....well what's your excuse this time big guy??? they've been referred to as the tenacious D of country/western music and if you enjoy clever irreverence you'll HEART mechanical bull...pick yourself up a copy! here's their myspace page:

while you're there follow the trail to chase's songwriting page too. a few more fun facts, besides writing songs and doing music videos, chase is a brilliant documentarian covering all sorts of serious subject matter from the fall of civilization to finding fats. check him out, google whatever you have to he's a genius and a very mischievous man, who can resist those?!

p.s. neither nuage nor i are stephnie. so don't think the sadness of this song has anything to do with fats!


PJ said...

All your buns seem to play to the camera, no wonder they're stars. '~)

Julie said...

Mechanical Bull should make him their mascot.

Lookit them furry horns on that there varmint! Can you imagine Wuagey charging at you across an open field, fayre in his eyes, smoke pouring from his nostrils? Yeehaw!

(seriously, that video is pure sweetness)

d. moll, said...

I think the message of this music video is that Stephanie would have been happier if she had had a bunny.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

I agree with d.moll. Everyone would be happier if they had a bunny.

YowlYY said...

I agree with Diana and Michelle - bunnies keep people sane and happy! Well, sometimes they worry us too, but they give so much joy. Look at that lovely bundle of fur called Nuage - you cannot but feel happy after seeing this bun!

Lisa said...

America's Top Ear Fringe Model! You must be very proud.