Monday, February 22, 2010

and the winner is.........#27 the HUMAN!!!!!

ok ok ok i've got some psychic fans!!! by the way i love how many of you picked double numbers, do i have some other number freaks out there? i'm a numbers freak so go ahead and feel extra comfortable here. i didn't pick a double number because i wanted to make it difficult and random and see if anyone could guess it. good job! the only numbers that were all in a row in this guessing game were 27, 28, and 29 so ya'll were darn close and you must have been sensing it....but the winner is the HUMAN with her guess of 27, EVIL BUNNY OVERLORD being the second runner up and JADE calling you third just doesn't seem JADE was super close too!

back to the winning you know "THE HUMAN" yet? she just happens to have some rabbits of her own and she'd like them to be famous....well here's a big plug for her brand new bunny blog and cheers to buttons and skittles!!! they have just about the sweetest little bunny butt photo up right now so hop on over and check 'em out!

here they are....the bunny boys!

what today is february 22nd. my favorite and most magical number. on this day i see have i have a new follower, marko. i click on his blog and right off the bat he's asking for a miracle. 222 is all about miracles in my book so even though his blog has nothing whatsoever to do with bunnies, we're (the bunnies and i) going to try to facilitate his miracle wish of more blog followers by introducing him on 222 and seeing what happens. once bunnies are involved the magic never ceases so if you have a second or two check him out. he's a music buff and although he isn't featuring bunny music he's got some cool stuff, and the lead singer of the band in the 222 post has on my favorite batman tee shirt so even more reason to resonate with this marko!

when i post links here they don't work (help shell) but he's a new one on my follower list. the black and white icon over there in the top left hand corner.

now that i'm plugging away here if you ARE interested in bunny music, this is who you NEED to check out. a very dear friend of mine and someone i was lucky enough to get to spend my magic day with. you know what???? she actually really deserves her own post, so i'll wait to do that when i have the energy to host her properly. BUT if your curiosity has been piqued, google "callmekat" i've done a lot of her photography too, so some of you have seen her if you've been to my realityalice blog. she is every bit as lovely and perfect as her music, otherwordly and othertimely maybe suffice to just say otherly.

this is call me kat...purrrrrfection!t

then there's another woman who if she reads all these plugs will have my head if she isn't mentioned! but again she deserves her own post and i just haven't been able to do it yet. but let me tell you JULIE RISO, an amazing author, hilarious commentor and bunny slave too, she may be all the way out there in budapest but we'll be bringing her front and center soon. another off topic plug but since she loves bunnies and flew all the way to the middle of nowhere to meet my guys i gotta go out on a limb and tell she has written a beautifully heart wrenching book BLUE, story of the life of an exotic dancer. it's phenomenal. it hasn't been getting the attention it deserves but this year it was included as one of the best books of this one very picky critic reviewer man's list...i'll get all the details and post about her soon as well, she is as dear as dear can be.

and finally for tonight i'd like to say we have some great new things and we're adding a whole bunch more on potentially crazy....i'll post about that later too! but in honor of 222, while it still is 222 on the east coast i'd just like to say that another bit of today's magic is that when i went to check to see if there was any money in our little account from the store there was $22.02! ya i know, maybe not too many people would get excited about that, but given the number AND the day i sure am! so i know there's magic in the air and more to follow. so i'd like to send out an extra special thanks to BUNNYGIRL for being the one who bought our first calendar and to LISEE who also bought a bunch of stuff! and yes cafe press keeps almost all of it if you're wondering how i only have $22.02 in there. which for some reason reminds me, there's a woman out there who is waiting for her income tax return to buy a screen saver....i can't find your info, so send me an email and i'll send you a free one right away. i meant to do it a long time ago but you know....

anyone else need a screen saver but can't afford it? let me know! it's 2.22, and it's just that kind of a day! i'll be taking requests for the next 24 hours on this. send them here:

just so you know, if you take me up on this offer soon you will be guilted into spending all your money at PC! consider yourselves's worth it though, trust me. ; ) i'll need to know if you have a mac or a pc. then you'll need to email me to me and tell me how much you love it.

attention THE HUMAN, if you'll also please email me your address and tell me how you'd like me to sign it for you, shall i use the personalization of human or would you prefer i use a name?

the next number guess for a bunny page will be in a few days so stay tuned!!

daaaang this is a long post, if you didn't read it all i don't blame you, you missed the free screen saver offer though didn't you?

once again happy 222!!!


crazy ivan said...

I didn't win :(. I guess I'll just have to buy one.

The human said...

Excited! Have just e mailed! Thanks Patricia!
Lisa (aka the human)

Julie said...

Hungary, NOT Turkey!!!! Aaaaahhhh! But then again, you only need to know where Bunnytown is.

Seriously, thanks for the nice words and happy 222 to you, too! I woke up at 222am that day, because Flower was thumping on the bed. She's been sleeping with me while the man is away.

Julie said...

p.s. I hope you really didn't think I'd be upset if you didn't mention me! Hope it was just your way of giving me back a taste of my usual sarcasm!

d. moll, said...

I picked 88 because when I write "8"s I make them out of two Os, plus 8 is infinity straight up AND it is part of the the name of the martial art I study; Ba (8) Gua (gates). We can't wait to order a mugs form you and that time I think for sure I need some cards, yeah for sure I NEED.....

d. moll, said...

OK what's up with your links? Email me about them.....

Michelle (Shell) May said...

222 was indeed a good day! Congrat's to Human for a super win!
Sooooooo excited for you and all the fabulous things you will have for sale! You know I'll be buying!
hugs always,

Anonymous said...

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