Monday, February 08, 2010

the story here that i wasn't able to type out the other day is that fats ended up barking, yes barking, at that dog. i've never seen him do anything like it. fats is no stranger to dogs. his first dog was an enormous white wolf of a creature, it was his body guard. so fortunately or unfortunately fats isn't afraid of dogs. of course being super neurotic i had done plenty of checking to make sure this was a friendly and safe dog to introduce to him. when i finally put fats down in front of her she got so excited. she followed him all over the place. he got a little annoyed at one point and turned around doing a mid air 160. then from a standing still position he jumped straight up to her eye level and barked at her as loud as he could. she and i both just about fell over. he's so outrageous.

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d. moll, said...

The answer, is, I'm sure, no Lucy has NEVER MET a BUNNY LIKE FATS.