Saturday, February 27, 2010

fats diebenkorn and a bunch of concise announcements, see below.

1) D moll won the calendar page....#55 was the winning number.

2) we are in the middle of a bad storm here and my internet time is limited as the connection at my cabin is gone and has been all week. the reason i mention this is because i'd like to be responding more directly to some of your requests. as soon as the connection is restored i will be, until then it's quick piggybacks of wifi in local parking lots. we are one of the lucky few with power so i am definitely not complaining!

3) i picked a bunch of apple branches yesterday an am ready to send them out. i'll have the specs for ya'll soon. just let me know if you're interested and i'll get your box ready!

4) i haven't fully grasped twitter or facebook since i'm not really surfing and trying to figure stuff out right now. so thanks for sending out request for us, hopefully soon i'll be navigating through those sites like a ninja. as of right now i don't even know how to tweet or what to tweet or why to tweet or maybe even what a tweet is exactly. and as soon as i opened my facebook thingy i got so overwhelmed i've only been back in spurts. any phone call receptive tutors out there?

5) pj i will put mailbox bells on more things...tell me which ones and i'll make a section for him. i just didn't and don't think a rectangular frame of anything would look good on a mug or tee shirt so that's why i'm going for the cut out of the bunnies from a white seamless. but if you really think i should then i'll upload it for you....does anyone else second her on that? i know my opinion is usually the minority given such aesthetic choices....just look at the nibs photo contest....i lost by a landslide on that! whatev's to all of you!!!

6) AND a gigantic thanks to all of you who are ordering bunnylovestuff....i am SO excited to see what you have to say about it all. i think i'm going to have a mandatory photo requirement for all newly purchased merchandise. i.e. you get a mug send me a photo of where the new mug lives and let me know if it's happy there. of course i won't post without your permission. and of course i won't hold you to it, but i may boycott posting bunny pictures for a while if you don't cooperate fully.

7) going home to figure out my external hard computer won't upload any more photos or videos. as soon as that's done, you can be looking for the apple branch informercial.

8) this was not really concise at it still the thought that counts? we hope so and we big heart you!!


Unknown said...

Two things. One I'm a tech expert, an actual computer programmer :P, so I volunteer to answer tech questions. Two maybe you can have plus toys of the buns created. I would suspect they would be your best sellers.

PS I bought a large mug, tote bag, and one of those calenders since I didn't win the give away.

PPS I would like a bells mailbox sweatshirt with just the mailbox and bells photo shopped out of picture and converted into shirt friendly colors, or course if it looks good after the conversion.

Alice said...

Yo C Ivan! Way to dangle the proverbial carrot!! Send your contact info to my email address pretty please. I'm going to need to call you if that's alright.

great mailbox idea I'll see how it looks, and it seems you are siding with me about the rectangular format objection...I extra heart you for that!!! See foon, some computer programmers have good taste! Wink wink

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Cadbury has promised to pose with his new calendar, but right now he's too exhausted after a romp outside.

Love the Fats pic!

Stay warm and safe up there. At least you're not in Hawaii waiting for a tsunami.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the rectangular border! Just cause your taste with respect to nibs is sadly misaligned doesn't mean you can't get some of these judgment calls right.

d. moll, said...

Yay!!!! we won something! Must and frame display prominently.........

Crafty Green Poet said...

I'm now following you on Twitter. I've also tweeted about your merchandise being excellent Easter gifts.

I'm happy to answer Facebook and Twitter related questions (as in how to use them to market things, rather than tech type questions!) via email if you like. Just let me know (Juliet.M.WilsonATgmailDOTcom).

Julie said...

I'd like to order some apple branches, but do you ship to Istanbul? ;-)

PJ said...

Alice, I defer to you in all things in the design department. Maybe on a t-shirt???? Maybe not.