Thursday, July 08, 2010

the people have spoken!


tfangel said...

"i was photographing mr. dweezil zappa."

I have such envy right now. :( Everything i have read about him says he's awesome.

About the RAW files, you should be able to download them to your computer, opening them is another matter. I can't remember if you are a mac or pc person, but if you don't have photoshop (or an old version that just can't open your raw if it's too old, but there is a DNG converter that can if i remember right) getting your hand on Lightroom can help. I also believe both photoshop and lightroom have 30 day demos that have no restrictions other than stopping working after 30 days. At least that was the case not long ago. If you are an apple person, another choice is Aperture, also has a 30 day demo. Hope that helps. :)

When i don't see pictures of the bunnies very often, i worry something bad happened, but also know you can get pretty busy. Either way, i'm happy to see more. :)

Lisa said...

Yayyyyyyyy we missed you too!!!

Does Bells have a dewlap?

Dweezil Zappa. Only you, Alice.

bunnygirl said...

I guess you don't have PhotoShop? You can convert RAW files there.

I love your bunny pix, as always. Nuage is on my wall here at the office, making me smile. :-)

Crafty Green Poet said...

that's a lovely bunny photo, the two of them look so happy together

Spinning said...

of course we miss having new bunny pics!

[:bows in Nuage and Bells' direction:]

Dweezil looks pretty nice, too.

d. moll, said...

Does Dweezil have a dewlap?

Spinning said...

Does Dweezil have a dewlap?

Glad I didn't have coffee in my mouth when I read that! LOLZ indeed, d.moll.