Saturday, August 07, 2010

cliff notes please.....

wait just a minute this a bunny blog or a danielle steele novel? it's a bunny blog!!! so please squelch the romance talk....let's just say that we were dear friends and roommates 20 years ago and now after all this time he's found me again, thank you very much goo goo goo google!

there's a whole lot of lovey-dovey stuff im leaving out, but the skinny version is that he's coming back out here in a few weeks to get me and the bunnies and take us back to the west coast. sure there were talks of him moving here, but guess what? besides being absolutely fabulous, and ridiculously adorable, (he knows it too, not unlike a very tall bunny) but he's actually got a job to boot! supposedly there's more where that comes from, so with bunnies in tow, we're making the trek. ever since my first trip there, oregon has always been my favorite state and now i hear there's a whole bunch of glass studios! AND D moll!!! foon!!! tamara!!!! malcolm and nadine!!!! lynne!!!!! aren't too far away....can you guys even imagine when i get my hands on amelia or nibs?!?!?!

we'll be here until the end of september. so jade, lisee, lisa, shell....and ANYONE else who has wanted to meet the bunnies we're still right here!!! so get yourselves in gear and come visit! those of you out west or even in the middle i'm not sure how this is all going to work, but we may be driving right past your house! depending on how little bells does, he really does hate the car....we may be stopping for extended periods of time, hence the camper!


Lisa said...

Wow. Wow. WOW!!!! Alice, that is kind of crazy/cool/awesome/scary!!!!!!!!!! Wow. We moved to Queens and I thought that was a big step.

Michelle May said...

Oh how I wish I could come visit before you leave. Wishing you safe travels. Ready for a happy fairytale. You know how I love them. :)