Saturday, February 19, 2011

an oldie but a goodie!

...the story of the road trip that is. it seems forever ago that we made our trek across this united states, but as luck would have it this saturday night is the night i'm going to try to show and tell it. here's the magic caravan that transported all of us safely out west. the bunnies dominated the car...they had the entire back of our SUV, complete with glass jars of their mountain spring well water that the we brought all the way from woodstock, tunnels that malcolm and nadine sent us from canada, along with a super deluxe pet carrier that bells and nuage turned into their fort to periscope in going 65 mph....oh ya and let's not forget their almighty shutters that were strapped to roof rack. two litter boxes and 80 year old miniature china bowls full of whatever little treats we could think of. they were so comfy that they ate, slept and played the entire drive, they truly never even seemed ot notice that we were doing something i was terrified of. all my stuff was loaded into the camper, that is what little stuff i could fit in there after taking as much of their fencing as i could. we set up that fencing every chance we got (rest areas, walmart parking lots, you name it) and drove in 2-3 hour spurts, never exceeding 6 hours a day. bless this sweet camper, a 1968 shasta!


Michelle May said...

What an adventure. How fun and so glad everybun did so well.
xx, shell

Aronwy said...

What a journey! Am so glad that everyone's settling down and happy. :)

Lisa said...

So glad everything went well!!! And what are you up to now, my dear?