Wednesday, May 25, 2011

here we go!!!

Bunny boot camp has begun! perched on a city corner at the tip of the largest forested park in north america we're about to kick it into high gear! or our special version of high gear anyway. so to all of you who have been patient (and maybe even more importantly, not so patient) we thank you! now it's time to get caught up with all you beautiful people and bunnies once again, we're not on an island anymore, we have internet, an office, a job, and boy oh boy do we have lots of bunny photos to post....and close to 100lbs of organic apple branches to boot!!!! so hip hop hooray for bunny boot camp it's time to get busy.

1 comment:

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Hi P and bunnies! Sooooooo wonderful to see you! Missed you terribly and very excited to see what you have been up to!
All our love, Shell, Harrington and Hannah. (yes, I lost Sugie last month)