Sunday, May 29, 2011

yo elicia! 2lbs of apple branches.....

a viewer wrote to me asking:

how much room does 2 pounds of apple branches take up?

and how much is shipping?


it's $10 flat rate shipping anywhere in the continental US, and here's an approximately 3 pound bunny to give it a little visual sense of scale.



Anonymous said...

Three pounds, huh? Hmmmm. Nibs is two and a half, and I'm pretty sure I know what half a pound feels like.

bunniesthreads said...

I wonder what the reason is for Michelle apple branches? I have Organic apple branches in NC central & lower my dad gets them from a farmer & his own back yard. But there are several they will not eat? I always say buns know best! I wash them down & let them dry- To be sure no bugs or animal scent, whatever contaminate might be on a branch from for whatever reason. But it is odd? Do you think it is just an odd fruit? I have had bunnies since I was a little girl and my grandparents had an apple orchard between our houses-so I never seen a bunny or apple branch that did not like each other :>) know what I mean?tr

Jade said...

That looks like a day's worth of apple branches for Bells. :)

Mr. Mick is still on the "not-eating-apple-branches" side of the fence. It's either because he still hasn't figured out how good apple branches are for him or because he is a total prima donna and refuses to eat anything that makes him have to actually chew.

Lisa said...

My goodness, you have been busy, Alice! I go on vacation for a week and you come back with a vengance!!! Welcome back :)

Time to order some apple branches, unless I've missed out already. We, too, never cared for the small, packaged apple branches, but we loved the potentially crazy branches last year!

And congratulations to Mr. Perfect on his success :)