Monday, June 20, 2011

lisa lisa whatever am i going to do with you!? talk about hay? ok!

lisa darling, i was just looking for an excuse to go on and on about hay. as you know, i don't need much encouragement. so i'll take your comment, add rabbit guy's comment, and all of a sudden i have all the excuses i need! now i know most all of you give your bunns plenty of hay, but there are some of you out there who think that as long as there are a few strands of hay in a bowl they must not want more, and are therefore fine. not so. i'm always alarmed by this, typical excuses being: it's too expensive, it's too messy, and the store is too far away. and as true as the expense is of store bought 'bagged hay', NOTHING is more expensive than vet bills. that's all the time i've got right now, please all you bunny experts out there, chime in now about the importance of unlimited hay.

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Anonymous said...

The basic thing to recognize is that bunnies have very discerning taste. There may be an entire pile of hay with only a few individual strands that are good enough to eat. So providing lots of variety in those individual strands of hay is key.