Friday, February 22, 2013

happy 2.22....we're pure magic, are you?

in honor of february 22nd, my most synchronicitous number... we all know bunnies are the most incredible creatures on the face of the earth and beyond, but have you experienced their inexplicable magic? is it just the power of cute? maybe you have an explanation for the seemingy inexplicable nature of their influence? please let me know some magic bunny stories as i try to figure out how to tell you mine.


speedyrabbit said...

Speedy had his early morning cuddle today in bed before breakfast he was snuggling in my arms giving me bunny kisses and then he did it,Speedy did a bunny roll in my arms and when soundly to sleep as he lay sleeping he was twitching and murmuring having sweet dreams for an hour just me and thats magic when a bunny trust you like that!

Willow said...

A quick magic bunny story ...okay not magic but cute ...We have a French Lop named Cindy Lop Ear and she is fond of listening to Girls Just wanna have funny. Where as she fly about the lino in the kitchen :) by the way that reminds me I need to do a post on her!

Michelle May said...

Ahhh yes...222. :)
Hugs to you P.