Friday, February 22, 2013

just how long do i have to stare at you before you clean that hay off my ramp?!

i don't have enough room here to sing the never ending praises of dusty grimm. dusty grimm, dusty grimm, why does he sound so familiar? well my dear friends he's the master carpenter and musician extraordinaire that built our custom, ever lovin' indoor hay bale box for the bunnies! as luck would have it, that exquisite and high functioning box is now needing to find a new home since we can't fit it on our boat, damn it! so if you, or anyone you know needs an attractive solution to storing a bale of hay inside their house or apt, please let me know. all proceeds of the sale will go to our very expensive upcoming surgery! since nuage and i, along with everyone else in the world has to consider his adorable life without him having all fours, we are trying to make everything as "cush" ahead of time. once a-f'ing-gain DUSTY to the RESCUE! first he cut a hole in the wall of our boat. then he built a wrap around bunny ramp so that bells and nuage could run up and down between the first and second floor. the bunnies did not like it. despite all of our careful calculations it seemed like nuage's girth was too wide to make the turn. so we held him up again, measured his circumference has we rotated him in mid air to see just how wide this thing needed to be! then dusty replaced the entire ramp with a wider ramp to include a more gradual slope as well. guess what? it's a hit! the pitter patter of the bunny stampede that this ramp inspires on a middle of the night basis is deafening! as for nuage, his tumor is getting bigger, he's had another surgery, and at some point in the not too distant distance, the "A" word is near. anyone out ther have a 3 legged bunny? please let me know what that's like. i'm SO scared of this, but i'm trying to write about it like it's no big deal. this is supposed to be a happy bunny place, so please forgive my upbeat tone. if anyone in the portland metro area needs sensitive bunny carpentry feel free to contact dusty directly through


d. moll, said...

We have had several tri-pod bunnies come through the rescue and they get along just fine, you might not even know they were missing anything. Bunnies are magical and very adaptable too. <3

speedyrabbit said...

I have seen a few too and they cope very well and lead normal bunny live's so don't worry once he recovers he will do just fine

tfangel said...

I've had a wild bunny in the yard that either lost a leg or lost the use of it, and he seemed to get around fine. I tried to catch him to get him to the vet, but he outran me easily. The vet also said that if he seemed otherwise healthy, he should be fine. Sorry he needs the surgery, but glad he's loved so much.