Wednesday, February 27, 2013

NOT at PCRAZY. Re: that site... back up soon!

as some of you may know, potentially crazy has been down for about a month.  the details are boring but let's just try to make it exciting by saying that the trouble involves a very important vice presidential executive in los angelos.  this same VP once upon a time used to be my personal assistant. i've fired him countless times before and since, but still he continues to excel and devote his precious time to all things bunny.  so as much as i'd like to blame everything on him, i can't. i can blame him for writing and singing this song. i can also blame him for saying this is "how apple branch freak outs are made", when in fact it's more about how they are eaten.  how they are made i suppose would involve a video about growing an apple tree.  so my biggest "whatever" goes out to you dear, chase! we miss you!!  

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speedyrabbit said...

you're a good looking rexie!