Friday, July 03, 2009

any millionaires or dentists out there? can ya spare a dime? or some time? to read a very long story? 'alice' and fats, unplugged.


Alice said...
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Alice said...
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Alice said...
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Alice said...
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Alice said...

ok ya'll watch out! i've figured out how to post on the main page...rocket science at it's best!! anyway i tried to do it in the comment section as you may have noticed from all the deletions.

already a big big thank you to michelle and michelle!!! yes there's two of them, and that dynamic duo never stops when it comes to the furry ones. one michelle has her print request in and the other michelle better not forget to pick. shell 1 please remind her about that as i don't have her personal info.

oh and d.moll could you please let me know you favorite image too please?

that's all for now, gonna get some gasoline and go get some oxbow! hop hop hooray!!

d. moll, said...

So first I want to say "hay folks help out this bunny guardian!". I mean if this was a scam it's pretty darn elaborate. I helped Alice out with her Poison Ivy problem (Yin Chiao and Vit C really works in case anyone needs a great remedy for it). Oh, um my fav print? gosh, love 'em all, maybe one of the bathtub ones? I have a tiny bathroom without a tub that could use one LOL. Hang in there A and Bunnies.

Alice said...

what the hell do you mean elaborate?!?!

; )))))))

you're the bomb! hey, so the bathroom one, is that the pink bathroom? that's what shell asked for too, and for some reason there is a thin weird yellow line that runs through it. if you look closely you'll see, but i'll go through the out takes and see if i can find another one that's suitable. they must've held that pose for 5 minutes!


d. moll, said...

I just paged through all your postings and now I love SO many of them, I'll get back to you on this.....

Lorna said...

Hey now.. I'm a Canadian and I leave comments now and then :) I just think your bunnies are the most lovable, adorable critters EVEH. .. .. Wanna trade for a moody primma donna of a Dutch princess?? (I jest!)

I'm surprised your vet won't let you do an IOU or work out payments, normally they're pretty good. :(

Alice said...

oh d. moll i am just thrilled that you are having such a hard time deciding!!!

lorna....hello!!! i had NO idea you were canadian, lucky you! i'm pretty jealous of that to be honest. i keep wanting to move there.

i'm going to revise my story details now, don't think i won't! i just LOVE that you love these guys so much. and no, new york is pretty unforgiving when it comes to bills. in fact last year they wouldn't even give bells back to me when i went to get him until my payment was cleared. it's like they hold them hostage. he had to do an overnight and almost died from gi stasis, his bill was astronomical.

i did think maybe i could make a break for it with fats the other day, but then i knew i'd never be allowed back. so when they told me how much it was i checked my balance and i had it with $14 to spare. but believe you me we almost had a bonnie and clyde moment!

pick an image my dear! and let's talk canada someday soon.

Hannah said...

Oh I hope Fats gets better! I love following all their antics, but Fats has always lived in a softer spot in my imagination. I would be extremely happy to help you out in the bunny wool department... I would take anything you've got to offer in trade or something. Let me know!

tfangel said...

No homeless bunns and bunn person. :(

I'll see what i can do, but i hope everything turns out okay, for all the four legged and two legged ones there.

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

So is that contact email the same for PayPal donations as for asking about glass prices? If so, I can add the info to a blog post.

'alice' said...

hannah, what a nice surprise to see you again!

tfangel, tfangel, tfangel, i had to email you, you've helped me in so many ways. you and your 5 rabbits are a constant inspiration. lucky buns, lucky birds lucky stars are shining bright for you!

bunny girl, how sweet you is! yes, it's the same email for glass, as it is for paypal, as it is for me.

contact at rubinelliglass dot com.

feeling so blessed to have such amazing bunny lovers in this community! thank you all!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your predicament. We'll send you something via paypal.. I just need a little time to figure out the password for my paypal account (getting old!). Hugs to Fats, get better soon big guy!

Julie said...

I can vouch for Alice's glass. It's gorgeous and unique and makes an incredible gift!


I don't have much - Sweetie just terminated from his job and all that - but I have sent you some PayPal $. Bunny people help bunny people.

I want all of you to send something, too!

Alice said...

saturday quickie update to all you beautiful people!!!

fats is doing well. i decided not to look at his wound for day so that i could gain soe perspective. you know like when you are staring at somethign constantly you cant' tell if it's changing or not? so when i looked last night it did look a little better but then when i went to clean it even before i touched it it started getting all red and looking like it was going to bleed. there was no blood however on the cotton ball.

so i'm wondering if anyone of you know would just exposing a wound to air...this is in his scent gland so normally it's tucked away, once i'm gently sort of addressing that area and the air hits it....could that lead to a redness all of a sudden appearing? maybe i'm imagining it? i don't think so.

thank you all for your kindness and your support and your posts and your links and your well wishes and your generosity and your emails and your nice words about my glass and your time and your prayers and your absolute and total awesomeness, did i leave anything out? i really hope not!

i'm now stepping away from my computer for the afternoon, and hitting the sidewalk sale! i'll be checking back in later alligators and keeping you all posted!

Paula said...

The All Bunny Network is yours Alice. I'm a good idea person, not good at execution. You go girl!

I can send you something (do you have PayPal?)and you can surprise me with something when you can. Prints or angora or glass, I'm not picky. And no sooner. When you can.

YowlYY said...

Oh no...poor Fats and poor you! I am in between travels and saw the plea for help that DKM launched and here I am...Miss Eve and Neville send healing bunny vibes too x x x

Lorna said...

Well, I may be "slightly" biased, but I think Canada is the bestest place in the world to live ;) BC, in particular since we have *very* mild winters.

Of course, I also have the world's nicest vet, so that may double my bias. He was the only male Scout let touch her and she gave him kisses. One of the two people in the universe she ever gave kisses to. Wish I could loan him to you!!

nneeki said...

usually exposing a wound to air allows it to heal faster, as the oxygen inhibits bacterial growth. it depends on the wound; shallow wounds benefit more from exposure to air. i'm not sure about the redness, but it could just be irritation from the cleaning. my buns haven't had a scent gland injury, but i had one with a wet dewlap (a very fat one), and it got very red, especially during cleaning, but exposure to air is key in treating that one. a very very gentle (and cheap) cleanser is hydrogen peroxide, which you can probably get for a buck fifty at the pharmacy. i use it on chinchilla abcesses, and they don't even flinch.

Jade and Mickey said...

Hydrogen peroxide needs to be diluted before you use it on a rabbit--it's too strong for their skin right out of the bottle.

The redness could be just irritation from the cleaning. I've had Mickey's skin turn red in that area when I've had to clean his butt after cecum gets stuck in his fur, but it always fades after a short time. If the redness doesn't fade or gets worse, I'd ask the vet about it just to be safe.

nneeki said...

J&M: oh yeah, thanks for the heads-up; i forgot, since the h2o2 i buy is already dilute enough. you usually have to look at how much cleaning power you need, which depends on the type of wound. to flush deep wounds, a lower concentration should be used (> or =0.5%), but on surface wounds or skin infections, a slightly higher concentration can be used (roughly 1%), since when flushing deep wounds, you usually have to flush multiple times. i get a 1% solution, which i dilute with distilled water (equal parts), to get flushing strength stuff. but for the criteria of mild and cheap, i haven't found anything better than hydrogen peroxide so far.

Lorna said...

I don't know about bunnies, but if you put honey on horsie or human wounds it'll prevent infection. But that, I'd imagine, would rotate back to the 'how do I get them to stop chewing/licking' issue :(

RoadBunner said...

Here's hoping that Fats gets better quickly! Hang in there.

We made a donation in memory of Bunny Girl's Tidbit.

loafingcactus said...

I absolutely love fats. He reminds me of my own chocolate angora I lost a few months ago.

If you haven't already looked into it, you may want to try selling the wool on ebay. I used to spin (that was originally why I got the bunny) and there's a big wool market on ebay.

Jade and Mickey said...

Lorna: Honey is awesome for infection in people, but not for bunnies. The sugar content and the enzymes in it are toxic for them if ingested, and they would most likely end up licking it off.

neeki: Thanks for providing the dilution info--I knew it had to be diluted, but couldn't remember the proper ratio for the life of me.

Crafty Green Poet said...

oh poor Fats, i do hope he gets better soon and I'll see what i can do.

I don't know anything about bunny wounds, as Anya despite all her illnesses never got wounded. I have heard though that if the wound is relatively small that talcum powdwer can help stop any bleeding.

Alice said...

ok folks....long weekend. i've sent a detailed letter out to his vet and will wait to hear what she has to say. i will let you all know what that is. an update though. in addition to the wound, i can't comment on it i've lost all persective, is the huge bald spots now. running down both sides. i'm so grateful that it's not poison ivy but it is something that is for sure bothering him. his poops are bigger and strung together with fur. i know this is the shedding time of year and of course they have unlimited hay. i have the papaya tablets (how much do they take? (he's almost 7 3/4 lbs) pumpkin and petramalt which seems to really do a great job helping fur pass, but the photos are too sad looking so i'll maybe post tomorrow and see what ya'll have to say.

in this case i do believe the doctor is to be trusted. so i'm sure she will know. i've told her about you all and she knows that the contributions you make and made will be transferred into my account sometime this week so hopefully she'll let me slide if i need to. i'll also call the bank and see if they can rush it in, but regardless i did get some cash together so first priority is that cream. very worn down forgive me if i sound a little lackluster. tired.

thanks again and again and much more than my fingers will allow me to. you are the best bunny lovers everywhere.

and a very special thank you for the tidbit donations....i'm sure bunygirl is as moved by that as i am. i wish i knew him he must have been very special. it's such a hard time of year for these little creatures let's all be very aware of what their special needs are as the temperatures rise.

Alice said...

oh and i'm sorry i haven't addressed each comment here. can i get all detailed tomorrow?

i know there are some comments about how to clean and with what. he's been on hexadene flush that's diluted or it better be anyway!! they said it was when i asked. pre def powder and sulpha silvadene cream or something like that.

to be continued....xoxox


Kaz's Cats said...

G'day, we saw the info that Michelle DKM posted on her blog, so we dropped in to help with what we can. We're sending purrs to help Fats heal, and we're sent a small gift via Paypal. Hope things improve,


Gypsy & Tasha & Karen (Mum)

Jade and Mickey said...

Fresh papaya is better than the tablets if you can get it, but if you can't, the tablet container will tell you how many to give. My vet recommended pineapple juice (100% unsweetened) as well as the papaya for hairball prevention, so I chop up some papaya into a small dish and then pour in some pineapple juice to cover and give that to Mickey once a day. He snacks on it over the course of the day and we haven't had a problem with hair in the poop since.

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