Monday, July 06, 2009

good news and bad news


Anonymous said...

...but we love the bunny butt.

BIFandSOGNAsMOM said...

We're all wishing the best for you Fats. Good luck with everything Alice. I wish I could help...

And I just want you to know... Just bc we don't post doesn't mean we aren't here with you. I've been a fan for awhile but didnt know it was helpful to post. I'll start posting every day if it helps somehow.

Chris W. said...

Get better, Fats... You can beat it!

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

I'm curious as to what the doc had to say. Get well, Fats!

YowlYY said...

We're all crossing all possible long limbs for you, Fats - and thank you for the kiss and the furry butt - it is lovely!
Miss Eve and Neville send bunny kisses x x x

d. moll, said...

FAAAAAATTTTSSSSS so cool and fluffy too. Get to the store.

Annette Tait said...

The Spots led me here - hoping Fats will be okay.
I use a homeopathic vet in Scotland and treated an abcess naturally when my precious Zai had one (long, sad story).
I was cleaning the area with cotton wool soaked in calendula in mineral water. Calendula is healing. I had to physically remove as much from inside the infected area as I could, and I know it was painful all the time, but it was the only way for it to come out quickly enough.
I also fed him rosemary daily which has antibacterial properties.
(Plus masses of other herbs and nature's remedies and homeopathic remedies).
Wish I could help more.

My rescue rabbit Arabella was in a fight with my other rescue rabbit Wesley, when we first took him home from the rescue centre and she had a huge 1 inch square chunk of flesh bitten off her side. Thank goodness she recovered straight away and healed up, but they are separated permanently by a locked baby gate that I made.
Sending good chi, strength and hope and thanks that I found you.

Alice said...

what is the equivalent of a typo when we're referring to audio?

divakitty! i'm saying bunny back, not bunny butt. i feel this is an important distinction to make. of course i too love the butt!!!! who doesn't???? you'd have to be a corpse. i think that he feels the giving of the bunny back is the only form of punishment he is capable of enforcing. as if to say, ok you've stopped petting me and answered emails for a few hours, no more bunny nose or face for you!

BIFandSOGNAsMO, is always so nice to have comments!!! it's the one thing that keeps us bloggers going when we wonder if anyone is out there. of course like i said there are some regular commentors and you guys are better than coffee! that's huge.

but nothing that reflect the numbers of the stat counter. in our situation it may make a difference since i'll hopefully have publishers looking at this blog wondering if anyone likes it or not. crossing my fingers. the proposal went out three weeks ago.

NOW here's a notice to other bloggers....i am one of those people that my fellow bloggers may think does not comment. but a lot of blogs, and maybe others have come across this too. when you go to comment it doesn't let you.

hello mr. barrington...hello PJ.

then i get so frustrated that i don't even want to look at blogs. especially if i've been particularly funny. ; )

usually if i go to preview the comment first and then try to post, it might work, but only 50 percent of the time. then when i try to fuss around with it i lose the whole thing altogether. so sometimes before i decide if i want to try to comment i say to myself, can you afford to get super frustrated right now? if the answer is yes or even if it is maybe i'll do it. but lately the answer has not been yes or maybe. is it a capchya thing? does anyone have this problem posting a comment here? i used to get spam comments but i just deleted them, then they stopped.

Alice said...

chris...i already told fats you said this. he just wanted more cranberries. i was recommending your blog to the editor of a fancy magazine last night. he makes lemon drinks. he bookmarked it. if someone contacts you from new york magazine you know who sent him!

Alice said...

dearest bunny girl....

i hope you know that several donations were made in your tidbit's honor last night. i thought of him throughout the day and i just got so sad thinking about how much you must miss him. you never really recover from a death of a bunny. it's the saddest i've ever felt.

i tried to write you, but yesterday was a real hard day and so was this morning. i feel my brain coming back to focus so typing is not so hard but i could see that i was losing control of my fingers and it was scary. he must have been very special and i want to thank you so much for honoring fats on a day that im sure is incredibly painful still.

everyone loves summer, but when you have bunnies, sometimes it's not all that it used to be when we were footloose and fancy. i get so worried as the temperatures rise and if there is a black out and do i have the electric bills up to date, no! and is my air conditioner reliable, yes?...etc.

the fireworks were intense too, and bunnies, well they are just so fragile. and i hate to see them scared. fats snored through the whole event. rocking himself to stay asleep. bells did his best not to bang his head against the wall. he just sat there shivering as i turned up his muzak.

Alice said...

ok i spoke to the doctor. she said that if i have the money to get the cream to get it. i do. it's $108 for 30 grams. it's a topical ibuprofen. i had to order it. it will be in by tomorrow at 1pm. it should help with the discomfort he's in. if he's not in pain or not agitated then he will hopefully stop pulling his fur out.

he is still pooping but his poops are getting big and misshapen. they are all strung together with fur linking them. i have given him petromalt. i have two bales of hay in my car so he is never short on hay. and i finally made it to grocery store so i got some fresh papaya. and more cranberries!! and they are so happy to have there pellets again, just a little bit.

i have the papaya tablets but i have them for humans, so no the quantities aren't on there for bunnies. super excited to give them the fresh stuff though. what about dried? it all had sugar but if i find it without sugar?

she also said last week that the wound looked very clean we just have to soothe it so that he doesn't keep biting it. it's very dry, almost cracking. the skin is quite red. it looks really irritated. a few people have mentioned wounds to me and i'd like to say that since this is a wound inside his scent gland that is what is worrying me so.

if anyone has anything can ease my mind there please or to add...please. i'd love to know more, but i don't. i have seen so many injuries heal in a way that absolutely surprises me. i have treated them for a day an then they heal up and are almost gone. but this one is different. how important is their scent gland and is this gash that is changing the whole topography of it worse than another injury or not? what do you think? i really don't know.

it looks worse than other injuries i've seen that are actually much deeper and much more severe. it looks like he's been mutilated and since it's so close to his genitals i'm worried that if he experiences much more discomfort he may have a hard time or painful time going to the bathroom.

he also has a small scab on the side of his penis. he's had that the whole time but i've not touched it nor has dr. Q. i think she is thinking to leave that one alone. but the scent glad on his other side is a vertical opening where the sebum is. this has no sebum obviously i've been cleaning like a nut case, but at this point i don't even see where it would be, there is no vertical opening anymore it's horizontal gaps and puncture holes.

Alice said... was really sweet that little kiss wasn't it? he is such a good little guy. he hates it that i'm typing right now though. so when i do check out from time to time please know he does need a little extra love now....and if you knew what the standard amount is you'd know that any extra is almost impossible, but right now it's time for the impossible.

d. moll....i think about you and your post and i shake my head in disbelief. you are so tuned in. it's crazy. perhaps we should start the d. moll for president of the universe campaign? have you guys seen what she and the spots did for little fatty? so many of you posted on your blogs! i'm just beside myself about how much love there is in this world! eye of the needle, bunnygirl, divakitty!!! there may even be more but when i get it all back together over here, i have to somehow try to repay all of this kindness a bajillionfold. happy to have you and yes super appreciate all these great ideas thank you!! i've never thought of the rosemary...calendula i've got it...i emailed you about all of this. but folks throw in your two cents if you wouldn't!

ok going to pet fats and let him know he's loved by all! thank you all, over and over again.

Jade and Mickey said...

Dried papaya unfortunately has little or none of the good hairball-prevention qualities that fresh does (and may also contain added sugar, which can be harmful as you know). Do not give papaya tablets made for humans to rabbits, either--they can also have added sugar and other things. They do make papaya tabs for rabbits, you can get them at any pet store that sells rabbit products. I can email you some links to online suppliers.

Petromalt is fine for a short-term fix, but long-term use can be harmful to a bunny's digestive system because it is just flavored petroleum jelly for the most part.

Fresh papaya is best for regular hairball prevention and to eliminate the hair that Fats has been ingesting lately. (You'll have to cut back on his cranberries, though, because with the papaya it'll be too much sweet.) Remove the skin and all seeds before you give it to him, because the seeds are toxic to bunnies.I give Mickey about 1/4-1/2 cup of chopped papaya daily in a little dish with 100% unsweetened pineapple juice added to keep it moist and add to the hairball prevention. Mickey snacks on it all day long. He used to have serious problems with hair in his poop before I started him on this, and since he started on the papaya/pineapple mix, there's no more hair in his poop.

Here's wishing Fats a smooth and speedy recovery, with extra snuggles and pats from us!

Crafty Green Poet said...

what a lovely video, he really is a sweet bunny! Give him a really big hug from me and lots of good vibes...

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

I'm so glad we've been able to help. Please keep us all updated on how Fats is doing! said...

I just discoverd your blog and I love it. Fats is the cutest thing ever! Hope you get better Fats.

Chrissie said...

There should be NO BOO-BOOS ON BUNNY BUTTS! It's a ROOL! And anyone who takes care of a bunny butt that has a boo-boo MUST EAT!! That's a ROOL, too! Would you come over for a minute and leave me some contact info? I want to send some munnies for your bunnys' butt.

Megan Rascal said...

Hi Alice and fats and hi to the other 2 bunnies! I came across your story on and came right over!
I sent some mullah your way via paypal. Hope it keeps fats in cranberries! Or steroids! I won't judge you, fats.
What are these prints you keep mentioning? Bunny signatures is already melting my mind so please show me where to see the prints! I saw your glass website too, very nice stuff.
For your peace of mind, unfortunately I don't know anything about bunnies and like you said, the fact that the wound is on the gland seems really scary to me too. I do have one little story about my dog though. When I first got him from the SPCA, they had to neuter him before I could take him home and they gave me no instructions and said I didn't need an Elizabethan collar or anything. But after a few days, the stitches looked really bad. But everyone thought I was just being a nervous new mom! But finally it just looked really bad to me and I took him to the animal emergency room as it was late Saturday night. Yes, UPenn has an animal emergency room! It was way better than any human emergency room I've been to.
Anyway, they said the stitches were definitely infected. They gave me a few options about what to do; one being to go inside somehow and remove any stitches that are inside??? But the other options could be done later so I opted for the immediate method; they cut the stitches out externally, cleaned it, gave me [banana flavored] antibiotics and a pain killer. Oh, AND an Elizabethan collar. They didn't tell me to clean it or anything. I was like... there's a big hole in my dog! How is that possibly just going to heal and close on it's own without stitches or anything?? But seriously like the very next day it looks 10x better and then was completely closed and fine after a few days. He doesn't even have a scar. It was kind of amazing. My mom it's like the healing voodoo young babies can do.
I thought it was going to be a disaster without stitches and just antibiotics but it really was completely healed after a few days. Once they took the stitches out, the worst part of it all for Figaro (my dog) was probably the elizabethan collar. He was very emaciated and just looked totally pathetic hanging his head down with the lampshade on him! But it was that cute pathetic (maybe because I knew he was getting better).
So I don't know about scent glands but this was major surgery my dog had that made a big hole under his wiener, presumably by some organs and stuff. And then this major surgery was just left to heal on it's own in the air + oral antibiotics. But it was like magic! So just try to remember the super self-healing powers the animals have and how figaro was so sick in the emergency room one night and then totally chilling a week later, stuffing his face with peanut butter!

Chrissie said...

You did it! And, after reading through the comments, I realized it was a BACK!! A bunny BACK!

Okay, then. But, it's still a ROOL!

I would greatly appreciate an address by which I might contribute toward a healthy bunny back and a healthy bunny's mum's hungry tum. So, would you write me at angusmhor AT gmail DOT -you know the rest!

Do tell Fats I appreciated the kiss!

Chrissie said...

WhoopS! You'd think I'd notice-but I didn't. Where is the paypal link? I could do it that way if you would kindly direct me?

Anonymous said...

But... I like the bunny back also
When Fiona is done with me - I get the foot flicks. Orlando always gives me his bum becasue he likes having his back rubbed.

Alice said...

forgive me for posting so late in the day. i was uncertain about this cream after reading all the side effects. so i consulted with my resident bunny guru here on cyberspace and she reassured me. however after fretting about the looks of this wound and all his rapid balding fats is going back to the vet.

i will hopefully get an appt. tomorrow. he is completely furless on his undersides all down his legs and chest. the wound looks disturbing to me and it's very hard under the surface. you have all been very helpful so i think it's best to perhaps err on the side of caution and show dr. quesenberry what is going on.

i don't want it to get too bad and then i'm facing a weekend without a vet. i'd hate to say oh i thought it was ok and then have it not be, and then have all of you wonder why i'd accept your help and not do all that i could to take every precaution.

thank you for making this appt. possible! also i put the cream on and he is not licking it or biting around so that is good.

he loves his papaya tablets, he does not love fresh papaya. he wouldn't eat it last unless i crushed it up and mixed it with plenty banana. so i went and got the tablets today.

i have no idea what i would have done without you all.

thank you huge!!

Alice said...

p.s. aren't these newcomers so lovely???

welcome! and a big fats thanks and more smooches to

check them out, what a bunch goddess 'greens'!

thanks meavilicious!!

Alice said...

and also a florida artist explained to me that the purrrrfectly amazing cat world has been whipping up some magic too! those kitties. very inspired by their whole concept. and how very nice to extend the bunnies a paw!

lovins you!!

Jade and Mickey said...

Good thinking regarding the vet--when it comes to rabbits and their funky little insides, it's ALWAYS better to consult a vet and err on the side of caution than to assume everything will be okay. Mickey and I will be sending many positive thoughts your way.

Lorna said...

Fats - I want you to listen to your Aunty Lorna in Canada for a moment. Are you listening? .. Just fake it like Sage does .. Good boy.

Get better.

That's it. You can still be handsome and playful and give bunny butt to Mommy's who dare to stop petting, but yiou MUST get better.

Anonymous said...

Aww what a cute video! And Fats gave a kiss, how precious!! He's such a sweet bunny, the way he just melts into the ground when you pet him. Hope you're getting better, Fats! Sorry we've been a little slow in catching up, this thing with Hans isn't giving us much peace of mind at the moment.