Saturday, July 11, 2009

no rosemary here fats, but let me go get you some.


Chris W. said...

Yay Fats! keep gettin' better!

Enjoy the rosemary and see if you can finagle some dill, too! It makes your breath smell like pickles. Little pickle-bun!

PJ said...

Does the rosemary have to be fresh? I have fresh and could send some pronto. I'm not much help beyond cheering, that's the trouble with being a bun-mum-wanna-be. With two geriatric cats and a dugdug a bun is a dream. There's no cross over except the love. Love you Fats. And you too, Alice.

Alice said...

chris you're so speed racer with the comments!!! love it!! thank you and believe you me, i relay all of them, in what i imagine your tone to be, to him immediately. the interest of keeping it clean, i told you about the ahem...'goosebumps'....i got when you mentioned fresh rosemary! that email to you has already been sent off and thank you, that will probably push him right over the edge!

speaking of keeping it clean, ms. riso, i will deal with you later!

jade, glenna, yowyll, crafty green poet, shell, bunnygirl, D, divakitty, catblogosphere, vegans everywhere ben's mom even though you have not said a word! whatev rachel! tfangel, megan, little miss golden temple meave, meave's boyfriend, peggy, tony coole robyn lisa lisa hotMBC, loafing cactus, jan, fuzzarelly, lorna, hannah, seal pelt everybody anybody...i know i'm leaving some of you out, but dang my head is a little 'off' (forgiveness please)thank you all for checking with us so regularly and letting me know to let him know how very much you care. and thank you also for putting up with all these typos i just can not be bothered by them any longer....trying not to judge. big smiles and nose nudges. xoxop

Lorna said...

Typos? I don't see no stinkin' typos. I just assume Fats is helping you type again.

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to hear he's on the mend! (You are right Fats? You're listening to your Aunty Lorna and GETTING BETTER right??)

As far as bunny breath goes.. Lilac smelling bunny kisses are my favourite :)

bunnygirl said...

I'm glad to hear Fats' wound may be starting to heal. It would seem to me that if the redness and general inflammation is going away, the odd appearance shouldn't be too much of a concern. Sometimes that's just part of the healing process.

I hope you're relaxing a little tonight, enjoying your rosemary-boy!

Jade and Mickey said...

Yay for what we hope is the beginning of Fats' recovery! I hope you're getting plenty of rest and nourishment as well; can't have the caregiver becoming in need of medical care herself. Sending you and Fats lots more positive thoughts and hugs and wishes for more recovery. :D

d. moll, said...

I have to say, "Alice" that you are a most wonderful and dedicated bun mom. The Spots, and Me, and the Secret Rabbit send lots and lots of love and stuff like it to you and Fats and Nuage and Bells, in no order just all at once.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for not visiting u quite sometime :(

Glad to know Fats is getting better n better. Go boy, go!

U are such a wonderful Mom. Hope everything will be okay soon

The Fluffies' Mom,

Violet Lilac M. said...

Hi, this is viviloveschips from YouTube, and I'm sooo glad to hear that Fats is getting a little better!! Get well soon, Fats! I'll be praying for you!

Shannon :)

Alice said...

drum roll please!!! i don't want to speak too soon but i'm pretty sure the biting of the boystuff has ceased. i kept him 'busy' like i said and then saturday was spent relaxing at home all day all night. chamomile central.

i even felt confident enough to try sleeping in my bed as opposed to beside him on the floor next to his littler boxes with a hand on his back pretending to pet, but really it's just a ruse for biting patrol.

i got a timely warning about too much rosemary and will be decreasing that.

yes lorna my typos are getting better! maybe there weren't any in this last one, but all the others are full of them, perhaps it's a sign that i'm returning to sanity? don't want to jump the gun on that either!

bunny girl i only said the redness was less, unfortunately i didn't say the inflammation was down. this area looks like the love child of a cauliflower floret and a tangelo.

jade i think i clocked in 10 full hours of it last night. hello new woman! fats has been snoring so loudly this afternoon i'm determined to get a video of it. we did however get some new antibiotic taking videos, you're all going to have to wait until later for those!! sorry, i'm going to clean litter boxes first! and groom nuage.

D! is the secret out?!?!?! the debut is upon us? the debutante if you will.

thanks fluffies and shannon and everyone else, oh yes and over at yowyll there's another bun in need ms. eve. fats would like to share his prayers with her and all other bunnies who need a little extra somehtin' somethin' in the miracle dept. and if any of you know fats you know all to well that normally he doesn't share a damn thing especially with other bunnies. but the sun is shining and the breeze is lovely and we're feeling full of good stuff so i've convinced him that today is a good day to make an exception, he's thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

What's the problem with too much rosemary? And how much is too much?

Alice said...

good question fooniusmaximus!!! i'm actually out of it right now and haven't made it to the store yet today so i haven't asked the recommended website yet but will. here's a blurb from an email,



A word of caution, Rosemary is a strong herb, feed some but not a lot......


ok how much is too much?! he's been getting 3 to 8, 6 inch long sprigs a day! is that too much? what happens if he gets too much??


I would back off until we know more, one sprig.........these things build up so I am sure he is OK if you back off a bit.

Who suggested it? maybe you could ask them how much they gave their bunny, was it Annette F?

I have a question in on dosing to these folk, they give herbs to their rabbits and have question button.....

On quick scanning of material on web I find too much could irritate his digestive tract, the oil is pretty strong, it can also cause dermatitis if too much in humans.
Rosemary has been reported to decrease capillary permeability and fragility.The plant may have anticancer properties and has spasmolytic actions, liver and immune effects, and other various actions from asthma treatment to aromatherapy. It has antimicrobial actions against a variety of bacteria, fungi, mold, and viruses.

Crafty Green Poet said...

oh Fats, please continue to get better....

YowlYY said... is some good news at last, and I am sure there's more to come in the future :)
Rosemary is a precious (and yummy) herb, no roast potatoes without it in my home! We've a nice bush growing in our back garden, organic of course.
Miss Eve and Neville get about a 2" sprig mixed in the salad twice a month or a few needles every week, but I am sure that it is Miss Eve that eats most of it, as Neville is more interested in spring greens.
Thank you so much for mentioning miss Eve, although I think that her problems are just geriatric issues now and she is doing well :) Still, vibes are always welcome, thanks to you and especially to Fats for making an exception in sharing vibes with Miss Eve and other bunnies in need :))

Oh...and we're looking forward to seeing Fats' snoring video...must be so hilarious, I have never had a bunny who snores! x x x

Anonymous said...

We are ever so happy to hear that Fats is feeling a bit better.

Alice said...

hey! hi! hello! hello!

the fats snoring video isn't as loud as i wanted it to be so i may not post it....or maybe i will but i will ruin my credibility since his snores are barely audible. they are louder usually and were yesterday too, but if any of you want to know what a rabbit snoring sounds like go here.

i hope you have a way to hear it. fats helped him figure out how to record this so we're pretty proud of it. when i heard that htis rabbit snores i just couldn't believe it. here's the proof. now i kon wthis may fall into yet another i can't believe fats kind of category, but he never ever snored, then on the day he finally heard this recording, well that was the day his snoring began. it was as if htis recording unlocked his own inner snore~er. true story.

also!! yowyll thank you for this rosemary warning!!! goodness gracious i have been giving him too much but he just loves it and i gave him zilch yesterday to make up for too much recently and just the littlest bitsy bit today. we still send eve our all!! uber happy to know she is doing better!

dill chris? i tried fennel once, he hated. but once we get back to feeding just for the sake of breath golly dill it is!

divakitty, holding our breath!

i did a cleaning last night and took a photo, can't tell if i'm hallucinating. if i lose anymore of a grasp on my perspective i will post the images and let you folks decide. for now i'm going to go do laundry and try to pick which adorable video to post. oh yes and the litter boxes are clean, bunny mama getting caught up!! and nuage had a massive hair cut yesterday too!!! not usually newsworthy or even comment worthy but considering everything, today it seems like it is.

hoppy trails

Alice said...

there you go lorna, typos galore! not insane today though just rushing around! is 43 too old to finally realize i'm dyslexic?

Jade and Mickey said...

You're not dyslexic--it's just that your brain moves way faster than your fingers. :)

Any and all Fats videos are awesomeness, so post 'em all! :D

Anonymous said...

Less red is good! Keep it up, Fats. Get better by Friday! We're all cheering for you!!

Christina said...

Fats you are an identical twin to our girl Flausch at the rescue. I hope you mend quickly. I will be thinking of you. By the way, I do a little oregano with me head tilt bunnies. It is supposed to help with all kinds of inflammation.