Thursday, August 06, 2009

no thank you to stirrups.


Alice said...

yes there is a rabbit in there somewhere. fats is alive and well? well! well....i really don't know for sure. i just thought it was time for an update and an apology for not being more current with the postings.

so much has been put on hold these last two months that it's now time to get caught up with what has happened in 'real' world or more like what has not happened. photo shoots and blogging will resume with full force soon i promise!

i'm really hoping to be able to post some good news about the rabbit rescue in california. we have our beloved d. moll most likely doing a personal visit to the site on friday IF time permits. so undoubtedly one way or the other we will have a new and hopefully improved version of the rescue to read about shortly. let's all keep some clear, pure thoughts in our minds eye about helping these bunnies get to safety and to loving homes. imagine them out of harms way as quickly and as humanely as possible.

as for fats this thing is such a mind...ahem...trick. another round of photos is being prepared now for the vet and for his personal all know who you are. but as of a couple of days ago i thought he finally looks so much better, although now there are 2 bumps. these bumps are symmetrical and look like newly visible glands. initially i was relieved by this sighting, but now one of them was bleeding yesterday. also fur is growing inside the wounded area, this does not seem good as this wounded area is trying to close itself up. when i open it to clean it, is when the bump started to bleed, it was if the simple and gentle act of opening this wound almost pried off the top of this bump? causing it to bleed where the bump looks to be attached to the rest of his body.

i really do not know what is best to do here. i've been told it is important to keep this clean. not an easy task or even possible without opening it. usually when i open it is when i find a bunch of white goopy stuff inside. even though my dilemma seems to be rooted in the theory of if his body is trying to seal this area of himself off then why not let him? again though if i do 'let' him then what does that tuft of fur inside end up doing to him? oy!!!!!!!!

d. moll, said...

Sounds terribly confusing, I am sorry! We always send out best wishes to Fatsy, not second best, BEST.

I just delivered 10 signs to Rabbit Haven for when they finally get to go in to rescue. They are waiting on the school has been purchased for this is all quite strange, I must say.

Alice said...

i hope i'm not breaching any sort of confidentiality here, but when i asked d moll if she was perhaps a likely comparison to sarah connor of the terminator films she was in all her glorious modesty virtually FORCED to admit that was not too far off base....i think in light of these recent discoveries about her it's time we all consider her the bunninator.

D, you can argue with me all you want! it's my there.

ms moll, may the force and the forced be with you and all that you do!!!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Best wishes to d and the rescue. So scary and heart wrenching!

Fatty... these bumps must go away. Now! Love Auntie. :)

d. moll, said...

There are a few differences.......

Lisa said...

awwwwww Fatty. best wishes for a speedy recovery!!!!

And the bestest to d moll and her efforts in San Jose. Godspeed!