Tuesday, August 04, 2009

rabbit over handle

By Linda Goldston
Posted: 07/30/2009 05:42:51 PM PDT
Updated: 07/31/2009 01:12:44 PM PDT

Rabbits outside of Easterbrook Discovery School in San Jose, Calif on Wednesday,... (Nhat V. Meyer)
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Jul 29:
Who's killing the bunnies at San Jose's Easterbrook school?
Help is on the way for the bunnies dumped at Moreland Woods next to San Jose's Easterbrook Discovery School.
Someone has offered to pay for the liability insurance Moreland Elementary School District had requested before they agreed to let rabbit rescuers onto the property to trap the abandoned rabbits and Easter bunnies that have proliferated over the years.
"We now have to get the insurance agreement firmed up," said Dana Taylor, assistant superintendent for business and support services, who received the proposed insurance agreement from rescuers Thursday. "We want to move this as quickly as possible."
Taylor said district officials are asking rescuers to hold off on taking any more rabbits until the insurance is in place. That includes the area inside Moreland Woods, Easterbrook school grounds and sports field.
"For the safety of the rabbits, community and district, the district will have a security patrol in place in the interim until the (trapping) program can begin," she said in a statement released Thursday evening. "We are hoping that everything will be in place by mid-next week and that the project can begin at that time."
Insurance had been a huge stumbling block to rescuing all of the bunnies dumped at the fenced 1.5-acre site. The issue became more serious when people started noticing dead and injured bunnies in the woods. Some residents said they had confrontations with men who let their dogs chase and kill the

bunnies. Others said two bunnies were shot and killed by teenagers with pellet guns.
District officials said they have repeatedly repaired holes that people made in the fence around the woods to gain access. The area was secured on Thursday afternoon and about a dozen rabbits were sitting quietly under the trees, one with a chunk of carrot in its mouth.
Because they weren't allowed on the property, rabbit advocates had been throwing bunches of carrots and other food over the top of the fence. There is no grass for them inside the fence.
Over the last few days, rescuers have been able to trap 43 rabbits outside the fence as the bunnies came out in search of food. They've all been placed in foster homes and there is a need for many more people willing to care for the bunnies until they're ready for adoption.
When the insurance agreement is signed, rabbit rescuers will coordinate efforts inside Moreland Woods to try to humanely trap the rest of the bunnies.
"We can't trap any more until we find more foster homes," said Marcy Schaaf, founder of the Marin County-based SaveABunny. "These are valuable companion animals. It isn't OK to dump them here."
Contact Linda Goldston at 408-920-5862.
How to help
Many of the rabbits rescued from Moreland Woods will be available for adoption. For more information or to make donations to care for the rabbits, contact the following rescuers:
PAWS: www.paws4sjacs.org
SaveABunny: www.saveabunny.com
The Rabbit Haven: www.therabbithaven.org
Checks may be mailed to: PAWS for SJACS, 2633 S. Bascom Ave., Campbell, CA 95008.


Alice said...
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Alice said...

i've been on the phone with california trying to find out more....the article from the 30th was the latest bit of info i'm able to come up with.

BUT i just discovered this nifty thing!

there is a feature within this online newspaper to post images or videos of your pet/pets. i was thinking that for those of us who feel helpless regarding this rescue mission perhaps we could contribute bunny postings to their on line newspaper and maybe even that simple act would help the residents of san jose or at least the online readers visualize what great companions these animals are and maybe even help promote a spike in adoptions!

a stretch, i know, but worth a shot!!

here's the link:


Lisa said...

Great idea, Alice! I'll check out the site ASAP. Biffy and Sogna would love to help in any way we can.

and how handsome is Mr. Fats?! <3

d. moll, l.ac. said...

We are working with The Rabbit Haven, I am doing signage for their rescue on thursday so spectators will be quiet and informed. Auntie Heather said there are about 45 rabbits left, rescuers have really been heroic and we hope all these buns will find homes where they are cherished as they ought to be.
D and the Rabbits 3

Alice said...

oh d d d d D!!!!! do you ever stop amazing anyone?!?! not me!!! i can only imagine what those signs say!!!

please keep us posted it's so hard to tell when talking to one person and the next what is going on.

so i take it thursday is the day that they are letting the rescuers back on the grounds? can you give us any info on what is going on with the shootings? is that still happening? do you have any idea how many rabbits have been rescued so far?

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Maybe Thursday, maybe not, I'll keep you posted.....

PJ said...

People and their guns. Sigh. They're so intent on using force. I guess no one broke in their house so they have to prove themselves somehow.

I'm very practical about feral animals, when there's an overpopulation they need to be dealt with, but not like this. I know we all need education, lots of help overcoming prejudices of all kinds, but behaving humanely towards the smallest of creatures, it's really a testament to what kind of people we are and that is where we can begin and then grow if we need to.

I say save the buns and punish the law breakers. And get the teacher who started this fiasco some re-education for sure. I couldn't believe how small some of the rabbits were. They're soooo tiny! I want them all.

Lisa said...

Is it just me or is it totally insane to require insurance for the rabbit rescuers at the schoolyard but to let people with pellet guns just prance around?

This is totally disturbing but I'm so proud of the rabbit people who are conducting the rescue. They have a lot of heart.

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea, Alice. I'm too far away to help physically, as much as I'd love to, but I can certainly upload photos.

Anonymous said...

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