Monday, May 24, 2010

apple branches apple all about them! going out picking now so get your orders in pronto! or lickety split, whichever you prefer.

the apple branches are getting rave reviews, this has been so much fun to read about all the bunnies loving them!!! i was asked recently if the branches still have blossoms on them. now they don't, but they still have yummy lush leaves and the bunnies go berserk for the green as well.

one bunny mama said she even put the branches in water once they arrived and to her surprise the blossoms and leaves perked right up as if just freshly picked.

all apple branches are harvested humanely and on the same day as shipping. what more could you want???

if you want apple branches email me ASAP!


Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Will email you too, but you know I want some for my kiddo's!

Jade said...

I got my apple branches today! Unfortunately, Mr. Picky Mickey immediately gave them the snub, but I'm hoping that with a little time, he'll give them a try. Foo' wabbit.