Wednesday, May 05, 2010

THE apple branch office.

why haven't i done a click and ship button yet for the potentially nervous apple branch empire?

i don't know. i've gone to the site a couple of times but before the button settles on PN something always interrupts me.

can you still buy apple branches anyway?

yes yes!! for a limited time we have two sizes. the $5 sample size. about 5 oz. of tender young fresh branches.

then the 1lb tried and true box of bunny yumminess for $20 size. shipping on the one pound box about $9 prepaid anywhere in the US. and arrives in 3 days coast to coast.

$5 for the 3oz size. it really is a little hard to swing making it worth it for the $5 box so that size will be discontinued once you all know that your bunnies like the branches.

i'll soon be including some of the bunny reviews, so if your bunnies have tried them already and you want to send in their feedback please do so!! shell, tell razzie and sugar that since they sent me their bad branches as a taste test i'll be sending them some of these irresistible ones with the blossoms and the leaves still on them, for their discriminating palette.

i'm planning on shipping overseas as well, so the cost of shipping will vary depending upon your location.


Jade said...

So how do we order them if there isn't a button to click and a form to fill out? I would like to get a sample-sized bunch for Mr. Picky Mickey, who has decided that dried apples are yummy, but has yet to nibble on any apple branches offered.

Alice said...

jade dearest, send your mailing address to me in an email.

my email (jade, i know YOU have it)

you can make a deposit to my paypal account, which is the same email address.

and i'll send you the branches.

as of right now my policy is to ship all branches the same day as they were clipped. freshy fresh! BUT as far as i can tell from our taste testing going on over here....they still devour them up to a month after being picked.

Lisee said...

My bunnies are down for the big box. Hopefully they will gnaw on them instead of my books.

d. moll, said...

WE would like some!!!!!! I see if I have enough in my PAypal to traNS TO YOURS, otherwise could I send you a check or cash?

Lisee said...

Hey Alice you might want to check on the rules for shipping things that could have bugs in them overseas. You could end up causing some international agricultural apocalypse or something. Sounds like the apple branches might be worth it, though.