Wednesday, May 05, 2010

on a scale of 1-10 how mad is bells?

pretty mad. i'm guessing maybe an 8? you see, he is and has ALWAYS been, a chronic bed wetter. which is why you never really see any photos of him on a bed. in the past he has even wet the bed if he is on a mattress for less than a minute. ever since fatty left though he has been really good and has seemed to appreciate the trust that we were building about letting him on the bed. HOWEVER, not long ago i became friends with someone new. that new friend has kept me out later than usual. that's not something little bells is used to so he's developed his own very special way of punishing me.

when i came home after midnight not long ago there were enough poops to feed a small army on the bed and he had peed seven times. for all i know he must have even coerced nuage into joining him as i don't think he could have possibly stored up that much of a urine arsenal in the time i was gone. so now in my linen's defense, i sleep in a cage.


Jade said...

Silly Bells, jealousy is unbecoming of you--you should know how much your mama loves you.

Then again, he could just be trying to get you to give him the mattress. :)

Lisa said...

Dear Alice,

Welcome to my world.

I'm not sure if I've told you about this before? Biff has peed on my bed compulsively since infancy. Sogna was good when I first got her, but Biff taught her his evil ways. On occasion I've even woken up to find I'm being peed on. I've taught them they're not allowed on the bed, but when I go out, it's a free for all. I come home to litter box bed almost all the time. Funny thing is, as you picked up on, it doesn't happen when I go to work. Only when I go out. "Break curfew". As you rightly observed, we are being punished.

I've tried a few tactics. covering the bed seems to work best. A friend from the rescue got me a thick, clear plastic sheet and it works like a charm. I should use a pen, maybe when I stop being too cheap to buy one for the bed.

The other thing that surprisingly works I learned by accident. After I take the buns to my parents' on LI for a weekend, they're perfect angels for a few weeks/a month. I guess all the stress of trains, cars, night in a strange place, really motivates them to behave.

Maybe bring B&N to your friend's place?

Spinning said...
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Spinning said...

My bun doesn't get to have time on my bed, because she just can't help peeing when she's up there.

I have to wonder if some of that is just plain marking instinct (the bed smells like me, so in order to claim it, she has to make it smell like her), as well as a reaction to soft things - "I must pee on them!"

Basically, she's hard-wired for it, and I think it's too much temptation for one little bunny.

I have an ex-pen in my BR for her, but that's really more about her safety than it is about my desire to keep her off my bed.