Thursday, July 30, 2009


in honor of furry butt thursday here is what we have to offer, some blasts from past posts and then there's just can't really tell what he is from behind so here's his little furry butt video. oh the search words we have here.

furry butts in action...eewh, that sounds a little weird huh?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

subject change.

hey everyone! time for a quick change of subject here. i posted a whole bunch of new photos....not many bunnies, sorry, but i'd still love to know what you think. the images are all over the place as far as organization but this is just the sneak quickie peek for you guys!

unfortunately it looks like we have some more vet bills on the way, more on that later. so i'm making myself available for photoshoots or anything else you can think of. SO if you are in a 100 miles radius of new york city and if you need 'slash' want documentation, i'm your woman! whether it's bunnies, bands, legs, your nana, studio shots or your chandelier, you just drop me a line. and let's pen it in!!


on-line portfolio:

or just click up there, on the title of this post "subject change"

p.s. the fabulous kelly merchant took this photo, she can be found at

she is just terrific for any of you upstate new yorkers!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

zzzzzzzzz.....the end.

i discovered the nibbs after a lovely couple in san francisco contacted me last week about our situation. meave the female counterpart of this pair did a real nice post on hmmm, where are all the w's? anyway what a great site that is. everyone should check it out including their great vegan photos on the rest of their flickr site too. i bet you'll be inspired to go out there and hunt some tofu afterwards.

a word of caution: do not look at these scrumptious vegan photos if you are hungry, if you do, you will not be able to think about bunny videos. lord knows you need to be able to think if you are going to watch bunny videos!

surprise ending! i'm not going to give it away but i've heard he survived and was not harmed in the least. i also found out that the door on the nibby's cage is never shut! yay!!! vive le' nib. you'll notice the nibeo is conspicuously quiet and void of any sort of bunny narration. if only i could do the same, i gave up trying long ago. but rest assured this is one funny fellow behind that outstretched arm and he's kept me in stitches in the darkest hours here. my profound thanks. this irresistible toy has a little nickel in it, so go on ya'll, make your own, you too can have this much fun. recently they graduated to the chase game....what? you mean you don't play the chase game? in depth instructions available upon request.

"bad idea" why? think pavlov.

poor little fatty, as if it isn't bad enough getting disappointed by a container that is the accoustic equivalent of almond container full of cranberries, but to announce to you all that he's getting upstaged by a teensy little pip squeak of a nibblybits? maybe let's not comment on this one, maybe pretend you didn't see it all. he's also still having a hard time laying down, as you can see but i like that he's still so raring' to go.

is this lynchian enough for you?

we love sequels, "more fun with antibiotics" OR "bunny burritos, eat your hearts out!"

you asked for it, you got it! the beginning taste of "fats fest"! don't let the snoring fool ya.

by sun up tomorrow morning east coast time you will have more fats videos then you know what to do with.