Wednesday, September 30, 2009


my lordy lou! what a night we had over here at potentially nervous. i didn't really think anyone was going to see it since it was such late notice and all. turns out quite a few people watched us fumble our way through the navigation of the technicalities of posting a live bit online. i couldn't figure out how to turn it off so i had to delete it.

people were commenting on the live feed that i thought were you, my regulars. turns out they weren't as tfangel confirmed he was not crazy ivan! who the heck was crazy ivan then??? peggy?? was that peggy with the cats that i've grown to think of as a friend or another peggy that likes orange glass?? then there was annie! a first time commentor who wanted to see a green piece of glass, i totally missed that!!! i can send you some images of it along with dimensions if you would like to see it better.

somehow i deleted a comment i have no idea how, or what that was all about. i don't know if any of the commentors that were there through the live mogulus channel knew about PN the blog or know how to get to 'here'. i should have made that clear. i think i even missed some comments from some other people who were interested in glass pieces so if you were trying to find out more about glass and i missed your comment when we were broadcasting i'm so sorry. please contact me again so i can see what you may be inquiring about.

the little screen that i could see was about an inch big and it was four feet away. so maybe we'll have a do-over with better lighting and more notice and more freedom for fats to do his thing...poor little guy wasn't able to strut his stuff but instead just sat there getting pet and eating dandelions. he was pretty revved up afterwards and has been for days now, i hope that he's just super happy and not having some weird reaction to the pain killer he's on! we are getting lots of great advice and i have to sift through it all to see where we're at with what feels the most appropriate for him. there's a special bunny tonic in the mail...thank you kathy and evonne!! and thank you all of you else too!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

everything's better with a bunny...especially music videos.

everything's better with a bunny...i know it, you know it, and chase does too.

this was 'backstage' for a very different kind of music video shoot. while nuage was getting ready for THAT video, this one was shot as a behind the scenes sort of thing...thanks amy! while watching the footage, chase pierson, of mechanical bull,, hillbillyhousemusic not to mention the singer, songwriter AND the director... liked it with his song stephine.

nuage is hoping that if we give mr. pierson a bunch of credit then someday he will start giving nuage a little. ; ). nuage was also on the first album cover for mechanical bull. perhaps the controversy surrounding his pick of a rabbit for the front cover made crediting nuage too awkward?....well what's your excuse this time big guy??? they've been referred to as the tenacious D of country/western music and if you enjoy clever irreverence you'll HEART mechanical bull...pick yourself up a copy! here's their myspace page:

while you're there follow the trail to chase's songwriting page too. a few more fun facts, besides writing songs and doing music videos, chase is a brilliant documentarian covering all sorts of serious subject matter from the fall of civilization to finding fats. check him out, google whatever you have to he's a genius and a very mischievous man, who can resist those?!

p.s. neither nuage nor i are stephnie. so don't think the sadness of this song has anything to do with fats!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the furry flurry!

i know i post a lot of fats running in circles and a lot of fats snoring videos....i just can't seem to help myself. if you have any other video requests just fire 'em at me! the fats report is in the comment section.