Sunday, May 29, 2011

yo elicia! 2lbs of apple branches.....

a viewer wrote to me asking:

how much room does 2 pounds of apple branches take up?

and how much is shipping?


it's $10 flat rate shipping anywhere in the continental US, and here's an approximately 3 pound bunny to give it a little visual sense of scale.


until we edit the new's my VERY scientific experiment from last year

i had a lot people tell me that their bunnies don't eat the apple branches that they buy. since my bunnies always ate the apple branches i gave them, i thought maybe it was the apple branches and not the bunnies. so MICHELLE MAY (we just love her!) of 'RASPBERRY RABBITS', was kind and curios enough to send us the apple branches that her bunnies rejected. turns out my bunnies rejected hers too, here's the taste test verdict.


Friday, May 27, 2011

hey bells! wanna show the nice folks out there how good you are at sharing?

the apple branch stash....

a tiny little organic apple orchard pruned their trees a few weeks ago and we got the motherload. so the deal is same as last year, except twice as sweet!!! instead of 1 pound of branches for $20 you get two pounds for that same $20!!! email me to place your order.

i'll be reposting another apple branch video to show you how much the bunnies love them...

nuage admires his brethren

bells does his best wild bunny impersonation

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

what do you get when you put a bunny on top of a pile of apple branches?

ooops, i have to be at work in less than half an hour...that's all for now folks!

close encounters with the tiny kind...

the bunnies, crayon (the smallest dog in the world) and a nancy drew expert.

meeting 'shift/apple/4' guy....finally!

just relaxed or maybe....

as much as we loved the island and living all cozy and snug as a bun in a camper, keeping these guys stimulated wasn't easy....however, with mr. perfect and his amazing collection of sounds, they sure have broadened their musical horizons. now that we're in an apt with about ten times the space the boys are getting revved up once again!

too sedentary?


from the beach to a forest....5,000 acres and 70 miles of trails.


given the confines of 'cozy living' in our super sweet 24 foot trailer it's been so much fun to watch the buns get their land legs back....sturdy buildings once again!

here we go!!!

Bunny boot camp has begun! perched on a city corner at the tip of the largest forested park in north america we're about to kick it into high gear! or our special version of high gear anyway. so to all of you who have been patient (and maybe even more importantly, not so patient) we thank you! now it's time to get caught up with all you beautiful people and bunnies once again, we're not on an island anymore, we have internet, an office, a job, and boy oh boy do we have lots of bunny photos to post....and close to 100lbs of organic apple branches to boot!!!! so hip hop hooray for bunny boot camp it's time to get busy.