Thursday, September 09, 2010

second coat....done! OK, almost done.

it's so hard to know where to start! for me, once i get out of the blogging loop it's even more difficult to jump back in. it's like i need to wait until i have the most perfect bunny photo ever in the history of the world or i don't deserve to be allowed to come back without some sort of dire consequences...oh, it's not that big of a deal? ok!

well then, here we are with a mediocre bunny photo!

a few years ago i would have never thought i'd be so crippled by bunny photos, the pressure i put on myself is perhaps a wee bit more than you might imagine. then let's toss a little cross country bunny relocating project on top of it! that's enough to shut me right down.

oh, you don't care...right! back to bunnies....

first and foremost, we have not left yet. we are leaving for sure before oct. 1. that's when my cabin will be taken over by it's new occupant. however we may be leaving sooner....i've been instructed to tell everyone who asks that i'm leaving in two weeks. just so that everything isn't left until the last minute. there has been a long list of things to take care of and things unexpected and things that have a propensity to create some stress and things that aren't as stressful as you'd maybe think but i'd prefer to just skip all of that and get right to the good stuff.

our first camper trailer fell through at the last minute, so we had to scramble to find another one. we did! it's the one here in this photo. a 1968 shasta!!! i'm in the process of getting it gussied up for the ride and all the upcoming documentation!

i've been taking the boys out for little practice rides in the's going pretty well. bells will be the trickiest, but we'll be packing cisapride, my oral syringe collection and anything else i can think of to jump start a bunny. oh yes, and most importantly, ALL their Xpens so that they get tons of exercise along the way. we're planning on staying at state parks and bunny friendly campsites. mr. perfect, (let's just call him that from now on) has purchased an enormous heavy duty waterproof tent so that even if it's raining i can run them around inside the tent to keep them active and hopefully happy!

nuage had a bot fly incident recently too which was nothing serious, but still very scary! neither one of them has been let outside since, or not much, unless i can run around beside his wound with a fly swatter. but he's finally looking all healed up from his lancing and will be perhaps let out tomorrow when he might be having a very special visitor....lisee is driving up here at some point to meet them before we leave and we couldn't be more excited!!! we're thinking she may be coming tomorrow!

i know there's tons of other stuff to tell you but i also know all you really care about is more photos, so let me get this camper painted and cushions refabric'ed and finish up the rest of the maintenance checking and propane tank filling and water holding thingy cleaning then packed and then mail all my stuff out west and sell what i can and then give the rest to sal's army and then i'll be up and at 'em once again with my camera i promise!!!!! and now that the pressure is off since i'm going to settle into mediocre bunny photos i may even post a little more often.

thank so much for checking with us and for asking how we're means a lot!!!!!