Saturday, February 27, 2010

CRAZY IVAN, in the OFF chance that you are NOT checking the previous post's comment section every five minutes, this post is for you.

hello mr. myscreennamedoesntlinktoanything....can you please send me your contact info and/or check the comment section of the last post and then figure out how best to proceed? thank you ever so kindly!

fats diebenkorn and a bunch of concise announcements, see below.

1) D moll won the calendar page....#55 was the winning number.

2) we are in the middle of a bad storm here and my internet time is limited as the connection at my cabin is gone and has been all week. the reason i mention this is because i'd like to be responding more directly to some of your requests. as soon as the connection is restored i will be, until then it's quick piggybacks of wifi in local parking lots. we are one of the lucky few with power so i am definitely not complaining!

3) i picked a bunch of apple branches yesterday an am ready to send them out. i'll have the specs for ya'll soon. just let me know if you're interested and i'll get your box ready!

4) i haven't fully grasped twitter or facebook since i'm not really surfing and trying to figure stuff out right now. so thanks for sending out request for us, hopefully soon i'll be navigating through those sites like a ninja. as of right now i don't even know how to tweet or what to tweet or why to tweet or maybe even what a tweet is exactly. and as soon as i opened my facebook thingy i got so overwhelmed i've only been back in spurts. any phone call receptive tutors out there?

5) pj i will put mailbox bells on more things...tell me which ones and i'll make a section for him. i just didn't and don't think a rectangular frame of anything would look good on a mug or tee shirt so that's why i'm going for the cut out of the bunnies from a white seamless. but if you really think i should then i'll upload it for you....does anyone else second her on that? i know my opinion is usually the minority given such aesthetic choices....just look at the nibs photo contest....i lost by a landslide on that! whatev's to all of you!!!

6) AND a gigantic thanks to all of you who are ordering bunnylovestuff....i am SO excited to see what you have to say about it all. i think i'm going to have a mandatory photo requirement for all newly purchased merchandise. i.e. you get a mug send me a photo of where the new mug lives and let me know if it's happy there. of course i won't post without your permission. and of course i won't hold you to it, but i may boycott posting bunny pictures for a while if you don't cooperate fully.

7) going home to figure out my external hard computer won't upload any more photos or videos. as soon as that's done, you can be looking for the apple branch informercial.

8) this was not really concise at it still the thought that counts? we hope so and we big heart you!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

how about a yummy bunny apple branch empire! demo video coming soon....

weeeeellllhelllllllalllllllriiiiiight!!!! who loves ya baby?!?!?!?! BUT there is a gaping hole in our merchandise which is that we have no treats for the furry ones.....right now i'm off to my local apple trees to see about harvesting some branches for all the buns out there! stay tuned freshly picked organic apple branches coming right up!

meeting of the 'minds'....trying to figure out how to facebook and twitter. when to end the guessing game? tonight, midnight!

so folks we're listing these widgets and gadgets and having a lot of interesting stuff happening, but we aren't exactly sure what we're doing yet either. i figured how to make a link though didn't i? ok i had massive help, but i'm basically a computer programmer now. social networking....our next frontier!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

the Ba Ba Ba Bunny stuff, is multiplying like rabbits!!

we've got a ba ba ba BUNCH of new FUNBUN ready, some of it's a little pricey. as it turns out, putting bunny photos on everything from mugs to messenger bags ain't cheap. so go ahead and take out that second mortgage so you can sip your tea with fats. he's the bunny we put on all our misc. merchandise for now. don't worry, in time we'll be adding bells and nuage to the mix of friendly fur wearing hoodies and such, but they haven't been so cooperative on the white seamless backdrop. yesterday's shoot was a disaster!

so if you gotta have all 3 of them and OF COURSE YOU DO!! try the calendar, the poster prints or select from our new line of blank inside greeting cards. as D Moll says the greeting cards are suitable for framing and we all know that she knows everything and has the most impeccable taste. if i may say so everything looks ABsolutely FABulous! i'm kind of amazed, i can't believe how well the 2 foot by 3 foot posters came out, can you say GOOOOOOORGEOUS....i hope so!

if i read the terms correctly there is even a 30 return policy if you're not totally happy with your purchase. in fact the first batch of prints that i ordered were damaged in shipping and when i called to tell them so, they OVERNIGHTED me the entire order, no questions asked.


and to manipulate you even further, given the events of last few months we're about 5 days away from dumpster diving for food (it's the health food store dumpster so it's not too gross or scary) and the thermostat is set to a finger numbing 50 degrees, a blizzard's coming, rent is going to completely clean out the bank. but last week i planned ahead and got a brand new bale of hay before all the money was gone....feelin' pretty good about that!

so all of you sitting in your fancy offices with your fancy pants on whip out those credit/debit cards, and go POTENTIALLY CRAAAAAZY this year for easter! and make our day or month, thank you thank you THANK YOU!

bells feeling excluded, shuns the show stopping, jaw dropping, whopper of a bunny poster good time....nuage inspects for authenticity.

be sure to click on the image on any product you are interested in knowing more about. there is a pretty descriptive write up about each item, dimensions, color choices etc. also if there isn't an image posted that you'd really like to see let me know and tell me which product you'd like to see it on and i'll do that for you right away. thanks again and have fun over there!

Monday, February 22, 2010

and the winner is.........#27 the HUMAN!!!!!

ok ok ok i've got some psychic fans!!! by the way i love how many of you picked double numbers, do i have some other number freaks out there? i'm a numbers freak so go ahead and feel extra comfortable here. i didn't pick a double number because i wanted to make it difficult and random and see if anyone could guess it. good job! the only numbers that were all in a row in this guessing game were 27, 28, and 29 so ya'll were darn close and you must have been sensing it....but the winner is the HUMAN with her guess of 27, EVIL BUNNY OVERLORD being the second runner up and JADE calling you third just doesn't seem JADE was super close too!

back to the winning you know "THE HUMAN" yet? she just happens to have some rabbits of her own and she'd like them to be famous....well here's a big plug for her brand new bunny blog and cheers to buttons and skittles!!! they have just about the sweetest little bunny butt photo up right now so hop on over and check 'em out!

here they are....the bunny boys!

what today is february 22nd. my favorite and most magical number. on this day i see have i have a new follower, marko. i click on his blog and right off the bat he's asking for a miracle. 222 is all about miracles in my book so even though his blog has nothing whatsoever to do with bunnies, we're (the bunnies and i) going to try to facilitate his miracle wish of more blog followers by introducing him on 222 and seeing what happens. once bunnies are involved the magic never ceases so if you have a second or two check him out. he's a music buff and although he isn't featuring bunny music he's got some cool stuff, and the lead singer of the band in the 222 post has on my favorite batman tee shirt so even more reason to resonate with this marko!

when i post links here they don't work (help shell) but he's a new one on my follower list. the black and white icon over there in the top left hand corner.

now that i'm plugging away here if you ARE interested in bunny music, this is who you NEED to check out. a very dear friend of mine and someone i was lucky enough to get to spend my magic day with. you know what???? she actually really deserves her own post, so i'll wait to do that when i have the energy to host her properly. BUT if your curiosity has been piqued, google "callmekat" i've done a lot of her photography too, so some of you have seen her if you've been to my realityalice blog. she is every bit as lovely and perfect as her music, otherwordly and othertimely maybe suffice to just say otherly.

this is call me kat...purrrrrfection!t

then there's another woman who if she reads all these plugs will have my head if she isn't mentioned! but again she deserves her own post and i just haven't been able to do it yet. but let me tell you JULIE RISO, an amazing author, hilarious commentor and bunny slave too, she may be all the way out there in budapest but we'll be bringing her front and center soon. another off topic plug but since she loves bunnies and flew all the way to the middle of nowhere to meet my guys i gotta go out on a limb and tell she has written a beautifully heart wrenching book BLUE, story of the life of an exotic dancer. it's phenomenal. it hasn't been getting the attention it deserves but this year it was included as one of the best books of this one very picky critic reviewer man's list...i'll get all the details and post about her soon as well, she is as dear as dear can be.

and finally for tonight i'd like to say we have some great new things and we're adding a whole bunch more on potentially crazy....i'll post about that later too! but in honor of 222, while it still is 222 on the east coast i'd just like to say that another bit of today's magic is that when i went to check to see if there was any money in our little account from the store there was $22.02! ya i know, maybe not too many people would get excited about that, but given the number AND the day i sure am! so i know there's magic in the air and more to follow. so i'd like to send out an extra special thanks to BUNNYGIRL for being the one who bought our first calendar and to LISEE who also bought a bunch of stuff! and yes cafe press keeps almost all of it if you're wondering how i only have $22.02 in there. which for some reason reminds me, there's a woman out there who is waiting for her income tax return to buy a screen saver....i can't find your info, so send me an email and i'll send you a free one right away. i meant to do it a long time ago but you know....

anyone else need a screen saver but can't afford it? let me know! it's 2.22, and it's just that kind of a day! i'll be taking requests for the next 24 hours on this. send them here:

just so you know, if you take me up on this offer soon you will be guilted into spending all your money at PC! consider yourselves's worth it though, trust me. ; ) i'll need to know if you have a mac or a pc. then you'll need to email me to me and tell me how much you love it.

attention THE HUMAN, if you'll also please email me your address and tell me how you'd like me to sign it for you, shall i use the personalization of human or would you prefer i use a name?

the next number guess for a bunny page will be in a few days so stay tuned!!

daaaang this is a long post, if you didn't read it all i don't blame you, you missed the free screen saver offer though didn't you?

once again happy 222!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

the great BUNNY CALENDAR page give away!!!

we're thinking of a number between 1-100. the closest guess by monday night, february 22nd (2.22) gets a signed bunny calendar page! what bunny calendar? that would be our first POTENTIALLY NERVOUS 2010 bunny calendar of course!!! we've been ordering a couple of different calendars to make sure they are printing nicely and now i'm going to start tearing out the pages. we want to give them to you as a little token of our appreciation for being such great fans!!!

starting today through easter we'll be doing a page a week. so send your numbers in and by monday night i'll pick the winning guess. in the event of a tie i'll send the page to the first person who got it right. hopefully we'll be doing these calendars for years to come so you just may end up with a collector's item on your hands....get out your crystal ball and send your guesses in ASAP!

the calendar along with prints, gift cards and maybe even tee shirts and mugs will be available by monday...i think i think!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

this blog's story.

as i keep fats close i'm going to keep him in this blog too, i sincerely hope that you allow his memory and his life to be one that always cheers you up. after all that's what those grueling modeling days of his were for. in turn it became about raising awareness about rabbits in general. so if there is one thing i'd love to ask of you, take a moment to check for cruelty free products before you buy your next cosmetic or lotion or shampoo....chances are there may be a bunny just like fats at the other end of one of those testings. let's take some steps to help them too. i have a list of cruelty free products on my blogroll list. i don't know how to make those gadgets really so here it is again.

lastly but certainly not leastly, the other mission 'here' is visually but not really subliminally, advocating for the cageless bunny.

although i did recently, i don't speak up about this too often but do so with the photos. we here at potentiallynervous also very muchly ; ) want to create a new image for rabbits... there are so many of us bunny owners who love our rabbits but who also can't even imagine a bunny not having a cage. let these guys be your inspiration and take a moment to picture fats in a cage. i bet you can't. please don't get mad at me for suggesting this....get creative! consider what it would take to bunny proof your house, if you need any helpful hints let me know and i will brainstorm with you until the cows and all the other animals come home.

outtakes???...what was i thinking?!?!

behind the scenes of PN...SOOOOO many posts were made like this

fats's sleep running

the only thing that ever stopped fats....decisions.

a star is born.

sorry about the scantily clad part, i'm hoping everyone has seen a woman in a slip before and you aren't too appalled. i'm including this one because i do believe this is the first ever fats photo....and i didn't take it! obviously. kelly merchant was the first one to photograph him/us. she came to my yard sale and saw that i had bunnies and wanted to bring over a bunch of vintage clothes and do a photo shoot of me and the buns. twist my arm kelly!

i love looking back at this day and remembering how much fun it was. even then, fats was less than a year old he had his little paw on my leg as if to let it be known that this was HIS mama and he's going to always protect me.

when remove myself and observe the grieving process, i've been amazed about a lot of it. the first week it wasn't real. i had plenty of fits of tears, but nothing like what i expected. in the last month or so, anticipating his possible departure, to be honest i truly had no idea how i'd survive it. in the sorrow of it all and watching myself function i knew he was protecting me. posting the other day about him and going through some archives of videos to find unseen footage was much more than i was ready for but i'd like to really thank you all for helping and loving and remembering him the way you have. it DOES transform the pain.

maybe it's just that feeling blocked or scared keeps one stagnant. i've been so scared to open this experience up to the blogging world, so scared of how crippling making the post about him felt, so scared of how much i knew it was going to hurt that i hadn't been able to do it. now that i've done it and had the biggest cry yet, i think it's (his death) getting real finally. and with that finality comes a certain knowingness that just like you all say, his spirit is still here. it's not just with me, it's with all of us. i keep reaching down to pet him just in case he's a furry little ghost at my ankles and in my limited 'state' i simply can not see him. you can do it too, he's probably visiting all of us now that he isn't confined to his body. nuage looks up in this weird way to one particular corner of the cabin and doesnt' move. this is new, he's fixated, i really do think he sees something that i don't.

by the way bells and nuage have basically been doing their best rendition of cirque du soleil and truly are living proof that you just can't be depressed around a bunny.

it's a bird! it's a plane! it's superbun!

not a good photo of either one of us but i thought you might get a kick out of this habit of his. fats spent many a vet visit waiting for the incoming vet, on my shoulder. it was as if he wanted the vet to know immediately that any preconceived notions they may have about rabbits were to be tossed out the window.

Monday, February 08, 2010

the start of the story of goodbye

the story here that i wasn't able to type out the other day is that fats ended up barking, yes barking, at that dog. i've never seen him do anything like it. fats is no stranger to dogs. his first dog was an enormous white wolf of a creature, it was his body guard. so fortunately or unfortunately fats isn't afraid of dogs. of course being super neurotic i had done plenty of checking to make sure this was a friendly and safe dog to introduce to him. when i finally put fats down in front of her she got so excited. she followed him all over the place. he got a little annoyed at one point and turned around doing a mid air 160. then from a standing still position he jumped straight up to her eye level and barked at her as loud as he could. she and i both just about fell over. he's so outrageous.

fats was almost entirely paralyzed by the time i took this video. i shot this video and posted it because i find it so amazing that even though he could barely move he was still in good spirits and was still eating.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

bells downs a few cecals. nuage tries to imagine what the raspberry rabbits fans are like. so far he thinks they're very shy. nuage loves comments!

shell of raspberry rabbits has done quite the write up over there on her blog. (dang it how do i make that a link?!) sorry shell, i've been trying....i'm also assuming that ya'll know shell by now. am i right? i hope so, if i'm wrong git on over there now!! she is a bunny loving bunny rescuing bunny mama cross stitchin' white house livin' powerhouse of a powerhouse! i don't care how short or how blonde she is, she gives me a good ass whoopin' from time to time and i don't want to even think where i'd be without her. so here goes out a big bunny welcome to all her raspberry rabbiters for stopping by and please, do come back from time to time, we so adore having people stare at bunny pictures here at potentially nervous. almost as much as we adore miss shell!!!