Friday, March 19, 2010

DIVA KITTY!!! come out come out wherever you are and collect your grand prize! 92 was the number.

bells is totally convinced he is now a mountain climbing bun. he often takes the most treacherous route up his 4 foot hill just to show me how agile he is, then he parks his fat little butt on a big boulder as if to claim it for his own while sunbathing the afternoon away.

Friday, March 12, 2010

ready? don't freak out....ok go ahead and freak out!

our first bunformercial....can you stand it?! i can't. so we have an offer to jump start this whole experiment. 1) i will send you a freshly picked super tender branch in an envelope. if your bunny doesn't freak out, then you don't have to buy any. 2) if they do freak out, you will be buying apple branches for them until the end of's up to you. ; ) we have two different sized boxes and will be posting that with all the other bunny merchandise on potentially crazy soon, but until then just email me and ask for yours to be shipped directly.

i need to address the bunny gift card situation too since a few of you have been asking. i can't combine the images in one box.....i wish i could!!!! maybe i can order a few boxes so that i could mix them for you? but that will complicate the shipping process, so i'll need to check into all that.

i love love love!!! that you are sending photos of your new bunny stuff!!!! i have a video of nibs eating his apple branches, waiting on the one from d moll, but she did send a lovely photo of her bunny calendar print and bunny screen saver in the background! jade has the bunny tee shirt and bunny mug!!!! i am so jealous!!!! i'm tryign to get a fats tee shirt to my firned kat before her big show at south by southwest....fatty needs to go to those concerts don't you think?