Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ancient bunny (not so) secret.

you know how you think your bunny has his own 'cute' things he does and they are his personal trademark? well do you? for instance, i remember the first time i saw another bunny running circles on youtube.....you can imagine!

i just found out about a minute ago that head butting coffee cups isn't fats's own special thing. i sent this image to a friend explaining that he was sizing it up before planning on charging into it at mock speed. i now know i didn't need to explain a thing to her....this is what she said.

"of course I know the ancient bunny trick of head butting filled cups of anything; I actually believe there is a mathematical formula in their head for (fluid sensed)x (stain factor) x(amount of fluid) divided by (distance)x (acceleration/ friction ratio factor[2] ) =stained/wetted surface area.
It’s an art, a science, and a sport rolled into one."

thanks lynne !!! still giggling about this. it's always good to have scientist penpal.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

fats assumes the position.

fats is taking an herbal tonic and an apricot kernal everyday, both known to fight cancer. he is in good spirits and is still eating and playing. if anything major changes or happens you'll be the second to know! for now, just trying to keep the peace and stay calm while maintaining a nice healing energy in the house. we are currently visualizing a blue and gold light surrounding him while the cancer is gently moved out of his body and is replaced with clear healthy cells....so any of you into that kind of thing go ahead and send 'stuff' his way!