Wednesday, February 23, 2011

reaching into the archives, just because. maybe it's the new cover of my custom calendar.

i'm thinking about a way to take my procrastination and turn it into something else. the new year has come and gone. i missed the first day of the the year of the rabbit too! so now what? wait until next year?

i could, but i'm worse with patience than i am with procrastinating. solution: i'm thinking about making custom calendars. the start date can be your birthday, your bunny's birthday, easter etc. you just name the date and the year and i'll start it there.

hold on now partner, that's not the end of the can even pick out photos from all of potentiallynervous's archives....whee!

OR and this is a big OR,

you can send me your OWN photos and i'll retouch them for you, giving them that Pnervous 'look'. now for the biggest 'OR' of all! if you live in portland or seattle i'll come and do a custom photo shoot of you and your bunny! how tempting is all that? there's more....i can make these calendars black and white or an actual print that you can detach from the calendar page and hang on the wall, 5x7, 8x10, or 11x17. we're only limited by your's that feel? expansive? i hope so!!! so just sit back and be creative, bark out the orders and i'll do all the work!

email me with requests or questions:

of course this applies to cards and postcards too. i just found decal material (thanks tamara!!!) so i can take any image and put it on a tee shirt or tote. you all know i've been doing this through cafe press, but their percentage is so huge i never recouped my teensy weensy start up costs. i feel this is a way for me to finally start this bunny business for real. so please send any all suggestions or ideas along...i'd love to read what you have to say.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

green bun packers.

what?! that's almost an outfit! what would YOU say if the man of the house wanted to dress your bunny in a green bay packers bandana? what if you had a naked bunny policy? what if they won the superbowl?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

the first 'set'

it was our second day on the road, we had just left a colorful KOA in toledo ohio, luckily this was in the truck stop parking lot. get ready bunnies, we're not in new york anymore!

hallucinating trucker.

then there was miss madison

not unlike the truckers, madison had no idea quite what to think. perhaps one of the few things madison has in common with such a demographic.

beauty and a little bit of beast.

on location

breaking the 'bunny only' rule.

since mr. perfect drove each and every inch of this trip, i designated myself documentarian. a spectacular drive, i shot almost every single frame through the passenger side window since rolling down the windows involved perhaps a little too much noise for you know whose furry ears.

breaking the 'no people' rule

there really isn't a way to tell this tale without some sort of people shots. the bunnies tucked themselves under the bed to sleep, with bells constantly planting himself as close to his new love as he could possibly be. this practice has continued and now verges on obnoxious.

an oldie but a goodie!

...the story of the road trip that is. it seems forever ago that we made our trek across this united states, but as luck would have it this saturday night is the night i'm going to try to show and tell it. here's the magic caravan that transported all of us safely out west. the bunnies dominated the car...they had the entire back of our SUV, complete with glass jars of their mountain spring well water that the we brought all the way from woodstock, tunnels that malcolm and nadine sent us from canada, along with a super deluxe pet carrier that bells and nuage turned into their fort to periscope in going 65 mph....oh ya and let's not forget their almighty shutters that were strapped to roof rack. two litter boxes and 80 year old miniature china bowls full of whatever little treats we could think of. they were so comfy that they ate, slept and played the entire drive, they truly never even seemed ot notice that we were doing something i was terrified of. all my stuff was loaded into the camper, that is what little stuff i could fit in there after taking as much of their fencing as i could. we set up that fencing every chance we got (rest areas, walmart parking lots, you name it) and drove in 2-3 hour spurts, never exceeding 6 hours a day. bless this sweet camper, a 1968 shasta!