Wednesday, February 27, 2013

just because

i had to post something that has nothing to do with apple branches.

NOT at PCRAZY. Re: that site... back up soon!

as some of you may know, potentially crazy has been down for about a month.  the details are boring but let's just try to make it exciting by saying that the trouble involves a very important vice presidential executive in los angelos.  this same VP once upon a time used to be my personal assistant. i've fired him countless times before and since, but still he continues to excel and devote his precious time to all things bunny.  so as much as i'd like to blame everything on him, i can't. i can blame him for writing and singing this song. i can also blame him for saying this is "how apple branch freak outs are made", when in fact it's more about how they are eaten.  how they are made i suppose would involve a video about growing an apple tree.  so my biggest "whatever" goes out to you dear, chase! we miss you!!  

RE-RUN of the taste test

are any of you able to talk to your bunnies without using a baby voice?  i tried so hard not to when i shot this video a couple of years ago. obviously i was totally unsuccessful. if i had the time to run out to petsmart or petco to get some new commerciaapple branches for them to refuse so that i could reshoot, i would...anything to not hear myself using this voice. well almost anything since i seem to be about to post this video.  the short of it is that i've heard from a few people that bunnies don't like the apple branches that they buy in stores.  even the smaller farms that sell apple branches are doing so at a much higher price.  i ship the smallest tender twiggs and the larger sized ones too. your bunnies will get a good mix of branch sizes that they can eat whole and some that willast them a few days as a chew toy.  for those of you who have seen this video posted before, my apologies...there seem to be some newcomers to the site.  if you're a newbie, this is for you!

Monday, February 25, 2013

nichole, the fastest emailer on the west coast! and the very first winner of the first bunny card!

nicole, i'm so excited that your chinchillas loved the branches too! i'll double check my paypal account details, and get back to you this evening!

apple branches!

do your bunnies ever get tired of being spoiled rotten by the the same old diet? the same old timothy hay, the same old hand picked basil, the same old organic kale, parsley, romaine dandelion salad followed by a very miniscule amount of banana twice a year? do your bunnies ever wish they had something they could really chomp on and whittle away at for days on end, keeping their teeth naturally and gently nice and trim while their delicate digestive systems stay right on "tract"...get it, "tract"? we have got just the thing...and they aren't the stale cardboard version of apple branches either. hand picked from a small orchard on the idyllic sauvie island....potentially nervous presents our annual apple branch haul! scroll down please..

we are forming a focus group, we very much need you to focus.

the subject is apple branches, delicious and nutritious, apple branches. fresh (cut less than a week ago). organic. delivered right to your house. what more could you want? do you have any questions? how many would would you like?

first 10 orders get a free bunny card!

here's the pile and here's the deal. we are on a boat, which means extremely limited space. and though our bunny daddy is a kind and reasonable man, come one...can he really stand to have a 6 foot pile of apple branches on his deck for the next couple of months while he's trying to keep his gleaming anchor collection organized? ok he probably could, but we push it so much...(we, being the bunnies and i) that i for one would like to try to see how efficiently we can move this pile along to your rabbits. i haven't checked on shipping rates yet, but it will probably be close to the same as last year, and i can't remember what that was. so my best guess for now is $20 for 2 lbs of branches + shipping. i can do smaller bundles too, but i'll wait and see if anyone asks for that before i start quoting prices willy nilly. if you have any questions you can email me at

Friday, February 22, 2013

bunnies untitled

just how long do i have to stare at you before you clean that hay off my ramp?!

i don't have enough room here to sing the never ending praises of dusty grimm. dusty grimm, dusty grimm, why does he sound so familiar? well my dear friends he's the master carpenter and musician extraordinaire that built our custom, ever lovin' indoor hay bale box for the bunnies! as luck would have it, that exquisite and high functioning box is now needing to find a new home since we can't fit it on our boat, damn it! so if you, or anyone you know needs an attractive solution to storing a bale of hay inside their house or apt, please let me know. all proceeds of the sale will go to our very expensive upcoming surgery! since nuage and i, along with everyone else in the world has to consider his adorable life without him having all fours, we are trying to make everything as "cush" ahead of time. once a-f'ing-gain DUSTY to the RESCUE! first he cut a hole in the wall of our boat. then he built a wrap around bunny ramp so that bells and nuage could run up and down between the first and second floor. the bunnies did not like it. despite all of our careful calculations it seemed like nuage's girth was too wide to make the turn. so we held him up again, measured his circumference has we rotated him in mid air to see just how wide this thing needed to be! then dusty replaced the entire ramp with a wider ramp to include a more gradual slope as well. guess what? it's a hit! the pitter patter of the bunny stampede that this ramp inspires on a middle of the night basis is deafening! as for nuage, his tumor is getting bigger, he's had another surgery, and at some point in the not too distant distance, the "A" word is near. anyone out ther have a 3 legged bunny? please let me know what that's like. i'm SO scared of this, but i'm trying to write about it like it's no big deal. this is supposed to be a happy bunny place, so please forgive my upbeat tone. if anyone in the portland metro area needs sensitive bunny carpentry feel free to contact dusty directly through

nuage overexposes himself as he fights this rainbow's attempt to turn him into a pot of gold.

after all, rumor has it that sai baba protects the chosen ones from wealth.

happy 2.22....we're pure magic, are you?

in honor of february 22nd, my most synchronicitous number... we all know bunnies are the most incredible creatures on the face of the earth and beyond, but have you experienced their inexplicable magic? is it just the power of cute? maybe you have an explanation for the seemingy inexplicable nature of their influence? please let me know some magic bunny stories as i try to figure out how to tell you mine.