Monday, October 21, 2013

Saying goodbye..

Oh this is hard. Truth is we're doing just fine now, but every time I go to blogger to make the post I dread making, it all comes rushing back. Bells died almost a month ago. It was very peaceful. He died in my arms, in our bed. He had a twisted liver lobe which usually kills bunnies instantly, or so I'm told. So the fact that he lived with it as long as he did, weeks, maybe even months, is truly a miracle. We got an amazing opportunity to say good bye to him and spoil him so much extra extra. He gave us plenty of warning that he was on his way, and we will be forever grateful to him for that. As so many of you know, the heartbreak is unbelievable, but this is my first time dealing with a broken hearted bunny survivor, Nuage. To see him grieving was more than I could stand. So after lots of research we decided to take him to the humane society to see if there might be a bunny in need that he got along with. Mission accomplished. We will introduce her soon! I never wanted this blog to bring anything but joy, so forgive me for taking so long to make this post. I also wanted to make sure that by the time I made this post I'd have some good news, and that good news is Nuage and Tolly. They are ridiculous together, she's a little turbo charged hotot that has him running around the boat like a spring chicken. Nuage and Bells were together for almost 10 years and no bunny will ever replace him, but it sure is nice watching him show off his boat to a new friend, even though she very clearly runs the entire show. Thank you all for sending so much good energy our way and for following all our adventures. Bells will definitely go down in history as a bunny that was loved around the world, and I know that he knew that. Thank you for loving him. He loved you too!