Friday, June 21, 2013

No bunny here...just super fresh glass right out of the studio!

AH HA!! I thought some of these crops lately seemed a little off! Now I know for sure. Anyone else having cropping issues with the mobile version of blogger? Or is it just me? I'm looking at my latest posts and the right side of all the photos have been lopped big deal I'm not particular about stuff like doesn't bother me at all...really...I'm super easy going and this doesn't remind of nails on the chalkboard or anything else like that all I'm fine I'm totally fine...just going to slowly step away from my phone and computer and do some really deep breathing exercises, put on my yoga pants and meditate my way out of this!

Starting my ETSY page soon! Any helpful hints greatly appreciated!

I'll have a page for my very reasonably priced super cute glass objects, and I'll have a separate page for my photographs. I know there are a bunch of etsy wizards out there...feel free to get real bossy with me, I welcome any and all advice!

cutie PIE in the SKY

Friday, June 07, 2013

Winner at Sundance. WARNING: this film is not cute or fluffy. It is important.

you've probably noticed that the bunnies steer clear of politics. what you may not know is that they love documentaries! pair that with a lot of soft spots for rick rowley and jeremy scahill, well now...they just had to do their part. if you can and if you can take it, go see "dirty wars". rick and jeremy's courage and integrity is unprecedented. please let this brave and fearlessly honest film be an inspiration to us all. complacency and ignorance kills. please do what you can to support safety, freedom and love. Thank you RICK and JEREMY for fighting the good fight! what a relief to be able to trust somebody to tell the hard truths. 

Bunnies assume the position as they wait for the premier of "dirty wars" by Rick Rowley and Jeremy Scahill

Little girl gives Nuage a dandelion

Little girl gives Nuage the finger

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

bells summons his inner I Ching.

real men serenade their bunnies.

patient patients at the vet...if it's not one bunny leg, it's another!

look at those little faces, do you see it...the determination? these bunnies are putting me through the test!  i swear they're seemingly scheming to come up with new stuff every week, and i'll be darned if i'm not going to pass each one of their furry neurotic tests. i just hope that at the end of this perpetual, relentless revolving door of vet visits, they promise me to live forever.  bring it on boys!  i'm going to take care of you if it's the last thing i do, and it just might be! vive le bun bun!!

Testing testing...posting from my phone...really??!!