Tuesday, July 17, 2012

here's the scene

notice bells periscoping to see the ducks? what's with these bunnies?! i was expecting occasional stomping and some sort of nervousness. nope nothing like that at all.

the plan is to move our little family off this land lock, out to the river and mark twain it up a bit! see that sturdy houseboat in the background (a few photos/posts down)....we're dreaming of something like that. the big question of course standing between us and our freedom is: how would the bunnies handle it? not sure! so we took them on a test "sit" yesterday on our sailboat to see how their sweet sea legs would hold up. they seemed to have a great time and were very curios about it all. even when the waves cane rolling in they kept eating and looking around for their next petting admirers to stroll up and drop to their knees with the typical attack of cute overload.

i do not recommend taking bunnies out on sailboats in general but these guys have been on so many adventures they almost seem to need them at this point. just hanging out at home listening to dungen and pat methany all day has it's perks, but they were pretty excited about ruling the marina.