Wednesday, November 25, 2009

shopping for hay bales...

these cows were quite intrigued with the fats.

fats, too hot for his own good.

he was not phased by this don't worry folks. he did however receive a pretty drastic hair cut afterwards to get her love licks off of him.

happy thanksgiving!

the long story doesn't need to be told, but i don't think i even REALLY told the short one. two months ago yesterday fats had surgery and a biopsy. a few days later the results came back squamous cell carcinoma, an aggressive cancer. he was given three to six months to live. it's been two months. once i let his bunny advisors know what the diagnoses was, remedies and suggestions from all over started to pour in. we have tried these. what is happening now appears to be the result of which ones, i'm not sure, probably all.....the gamut has been a daily routine of apricot kernals, cansema tonic, crystals, lots of exercise, energy work and prayers. please if you have any questions feel free to ask me and i'll give you more details. and although he has not been declared cancer free we are hoping this is all a good sure feels like it. happy happy happy thanksgiving to you all and if there is one thing i am certain of it's that we could have never come this far without you. big grateful love from us all.