Monday, May 24, 2010

apple branches apple all about them! going out picking now so get your orders in pronto! or lickety split, whichever you prefer.

the apple branches are getting rave reviews, this has been so much fun to read about all the bunnies loving them!!! i was asked recently if the branches still have blossoms on them. now they don't, but they still have yummy lush leaves and the bunnies go berserk for the green as well.

one bunny mama said she even put the branches in water once they arrived and to her surprise the blossoms and leaves perked right up as if just freshly picked.

all apple branches are harvested humanely and on the same day as shipping. what more could you want???

if you want apple branches email me ASAP!

Friday, May 21, 2010

even better still....

bunny metronome, D MOLL strikes again!

correct me if i'm wrong but i do believe nuage is bobbing his head in time with the music around the 27 second mark....would i be out of line to say that he's dancing?

you're probably wondering what were the bunnies doing hanging out with (ahem) CE coming right up!

WHO is CE lawrence you ask? click on the title up there and it will take you to her website. or if you don't mind me cutting and pasting all fancy like, here's a little ditty about here:

“C. E. Lawrence has achieved a rare level of authenticity, not only in character development but also in the realistic use of behavioral science. If you want to read a serial-killer thriller that’s solidly based on frightening reality, this is the one.” --Louis B Schlesinger, Ph.D., professor of forensic psychology, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

so remember, if you're going to scream around a bunny it better be silent!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

nuage pauses before inhaling the azaleas.

maybe he didn't inhale after are a few popular plants thought to be harmful to rabbits:

Aloe vera
Rubber Plant

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

inquiring minds? let the Q and A begin.

what is going on here? nuage is getting the raspberry prickers pulled out of his furry underneathe as bells is a little displaced being head groomer.

THE apple branch office.

why haven't i done a click and ship button yet for the potentially nervous apple branch empire?

i don't know. i've gone to the site a couple of times but before the button settles on PN something always interrupts me.

can you still buy apple branches anyway?

yes yes!! for a limited time we have two sizes. the $5 sample size. about 5 oz. of tender young fresh branches.

then the 1lb tried and true box of bunny yumminess for $20 size. shipping on the one pound box about $9 prepaid anywhere in the US. and arrives in 3 days coast to coast.

$5 for the 3oz size. it really is a little hard to swing making it worth it for the $5 box so that size will be discontinued once you all know that your bunnies like the branches.

i'll soon be including some of the bunny reviews, so if your bunnies have tried them already and you want to send in their feedback please do so!! shell, tell razzie and sugar that since they sent me their bad branches as a taste test i'll be sending them some of these irresistible ones with the blossoms and the leaves still on them, for their discriminating palette.

i'm planning on shipping overseas as well, so the cost of shipping will vary depending upon your location.

on a scale of 1-10 how mad is bells?

pretty mad. i'm guessing maybe an 8? you see, he is and has ALWAYS been, a chronic bed wetter. which is why you never really see any photos of him on a bed. in the past he has even wet the bed if he is on a mattress for less than a minute. ever since fatty left though he has been really good and has seemed to appreciate the trust that we were building about letting him on the bed. HOWEVER, not long ago i became friends with someone new. that new friend has kept me out later than usual. that's not something little bells is used to so he's developed his own very special way of punishing me.

when i came home after midnight not long ago there were enough poops to feed a small army on the bed and he had peed seven times. for all i know he must have even coerced nuage into joining him as i don't think he could have possibly stored up that much of a urine arsenal in the time i was gone. so now in my linen's defense, i sleep in a cage.

is nuage in a cage?!?!

NO! i am. see explanation below. truth be told i think he is protecting bells from his own fury about being slightly restricted and losing mattress privileges. how many bunny mama's sleep in a cage so their rabbits can be free range....anyone?!?!? have i finally gone round the bend for good?

spinning asks: What is the large white panel that you're using to keep them away from the wall inside?

silly's NOT to keep them from the wall inside it's for them to play in.

what a nice coincidence though that their inside one keeps them from the wall inside since that wall has all sorts of enormous cords coming out of it!

but IF the bunnies knew that their SHUTTERS were to keep them away from something rather than for their own entertainment they may not like them so let's keep this as our little secret.

who the heck is this?

this is cheeks and lula mae. they belong to my new friend. i've been bringing over x pens links to his house so that they can run around. they haven't done much running in the past from what i can tell and they seem to really love it.

and this?

my lovely bunny loving next door neighbors.