Saturday, January 30, 2010

COW ISLAND....yay! shedding like a banshee....nay.

we have our first advertiser, Cow Island....welcome! what a lovely site he has. maybe if we're real nice to him he can conjure up some bunnies visiting the cows. maybe i'll send him a link to our cow videos. i am so relieved to see such talented and tasteful advertisers! now that i've checked out Project Wonderful, it seems all their ads are just as lovely as can be. thanks jade for the recommendation! we're anxious to see how it goes.

on the other hand bells is shedding like crazy. we know how that goes....poor bells, he hates it. with the shedding comes the threat of GI stasis, a nerve wracking time to be sure. whipping out the kit: papaya tablets, pumpkin puree, unlimited hay as always and unlimited bunny runaround as always....infant gas drops don't hurt either, and hopefully this goes without saying but whatever you have to do, once you see those spiky little tufts coming up (like in our header image), remove all that shedding fur. we had to resort to cisapride a couple of nights ago. drastic times call for drastic measures, just in case ya'll dont know about cisapride it's an intestine motility drug and if you end up getting your hands on some be sure your bunny is well hydrated first. subcutaneous fluids may be in order if it's gone on for a while. i believe if you administer cisapride without thorough hydration it could lead to kidney failure. D moll correct me if i'm wrong about that please. something failure is a danger, pretty sure it's kidneys. finally i got him jump started, that was after a very scary 14 hour battle with it...these bunnies, Lord have MERCY!

Friday, January 29, 2010

bunny contemplating King Midas as we bite the bullet and sell out.

here we go folks...slowly adding some adspace. feeling potentiallynervous about it, but we just can't afford our 'lofty' aesthetic. if i see one bunny cage advertisement pop up i'm shutting the whole thing down. hopping for cruelty free L'Occitane lip gloss, animal communicators or reputable rabbit acupuncturists.

Monday, January 25, 2010

let the people decide!

we have a little argument brewing on over here at PN. it's perhaps an east coast, west coast thing. or maybe it's bunnydaddy verses bunnymama. i thought i picked the best photo of nibs that his manslave had sent me...but when he saw it he thought i should have used one of the others. i'm not telling you which one. so he and i, well we decided to call a truce and let you decide. of these three images of nibs with the new screen saver, which do you like the best?

oh yes and if you're looking at these crops of the bunnies on the screen that's part of it, as they come into view they recess and increase in size fading into one another. we're trying to get nibs to make an infomercial for youtube of it since he has the nicest monitor we've come across so far.

the almighty NIBSilicious testing for snow leopard on a 30 inch monitor...wooOOO! should be ready any minute now.

okie doke artichokes, snow leopard here we come! with the help of our dearly beloved nibs we have finally gotten the snow leopard version scaled down to a reasonable size. any minute now we should be letting those of you with snow leopard have your way with us. now there does seem to be some confusion as to what it is exactly we are selling here. this screen saver has loads of bunny images and they scroll through your idling computer gracefullly, cross fading into one another.

i have had more than a few people tell me they are already using a bunny photo as a screen saver but that another one would be nice...this isn't just another ONE and it's not a STILL screen saver. think of it more as moving slideshow. any other confusion out there? you send your questions right to me and we will get to the bunny bottom of it asap.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


hi all!

now that potentially crazy has been up for a few days we'd like to ask those of you who have visited and purchased the screen saver to give us some feedback. is it working? is it easy to install? are there improvements we can make? tips, suggestions that kind of thing. we're working on the calendar now.....more soon, stay tuned!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


sure, we could have recorded a drum roll, but that's SOOO HOE obvious. or let you know this is what you've all been waiting for, but that's a little presumptuous. instead, we'll be keeping it modest and calm as we announce the grand opening of POTENTIALLY CRAZY, the official online store for potentially nervous. soon to come will be lots of yummy bunny things, but for now we're gently dipping our toes in the cyber waters by debuting two bunny slideshow screen saver downloadable programs. these cherry picked images from the potentially nervous archives scroll through your sleeping, idling, and most likely super bored computer and they're as close to free as they can be.

for one penny less than $10 there's the BIG ONE for all you bunny die has 125 + photos of your PN buns.

then there's the one penny less than $5 for the not so obsessed, is there such a thing? you know what....just click on over there and see for yourself.

now i know there's a good chance al gore may come and kick my bunny lovin' ass for suggesting this, but you really should take it off energy saver from time to time and watch the whole bunnybadoodle of images scroll by, it's an energy splurge, but if it saves you a trip to a strip mall, it's worth it! we've set the images to random so you can play 'guess.a.bun''s so much fun!

if you have snow leopard on a brand new mac you're going to have to be a little patient while the software catches up...we've heard it'll be any day now.


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

poor jellybaby, her manslave is a bunny lover torturer!

alright folks here's the deal. i got a new comment today. don't you just love it when someone finally comments after looking for a spell without commenting? i do! so i click on his blog of course. guess what i see! my new freak out!! jellybaby!!! just look at this bunny, AND she's tempermental!!! can't you just imagine one of her little fits?

anyway, her bunnydaddy malcom is obviously a bunny lover torturer. he only put up ONE i repeat ONE photo of JB! what the heck? so let's welcome him into the bunosphere by clicking on his brand new blog and demanding more bunny photos by sun rise....he's a magician too, could this get any better? hmmm..i'm not sure yet...there is another new blog that i've been waiting to tell you about too....stay tuned i have to check to see if she's ready for her big debut.

click on the title of the post and you'll get to jelly baby super fast....or go to and check out his magical website too.

bunny wonders if he is the cutest thing in the universe.

bunny doing a tree imitation

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Feeling Zen in 20 10! ta da ta da! scroll down for lots O' surprises below. OK OK, shell of raspberry rabbits said the zen thing first.

not just two bunnies!

but all three! can you stand it? no time to wait for the perfect photo, just looking to make a little history, and hoping to persuade you to google.

google what you ask? "POTENTIALLY WOODSTOCK", it's my new project. if you'd like to put us on the map. google please!

2010! already this year feels SO much better than last year. i hope so for all of you out there as well! SHELL! what a great mantra, shell from raspberry rabbits of course. unless she stole it too?

we're getting cozy, snug and settled into our little cabin and life feels happy. the bunnies are thriving and my creative ways of keeping us afloat are shifting into overdrive! i said to heck with waiting for glass orders or a reliable job to secure itself, and have decided to try to make this photography thing bring in the vegetarian bacon once and for all! so with a lot of help and encouragement from a dear friend, i started "POTENTIALLY WOODSTOCK", a local's view of the most famous small town in the world. this is just a teensy little beginning glimpse, any questions or suggestions send em! we're going a bit commercial over there, and we may even do google adsense? any opinions about that? i'd LOVE to hear from those of you who participate in that kind of know, the pluses and minuses.

so without further ado please, if you have a moment to google, POTENTIALLY WOODSTOCK, BUT VERY IMPORTANT....PLEASE GOOGLE IT WITHOUT A SPACE IN BETWEEN POTENTIALLY and the WOODSTOCK. i just tried it and if you do it with a space it just brings you to PN. but if it works and it takes you to it will help us tremendously with the search engines, which will help this new project gain even more steam. it's taken off quite nicely and everyone that i've mentioned it to wants to be a part of it, the only thing missing right now is go on over and take a peek, leave a comment and help debut our new blog. lastly but not leastly and if you ever are in this neck of the woods let us know! fatty just loves visitors! and he loves follow him, nuage and bells over there too!!!