Tuesday, December 11, 2012

vogueing on the pier

for any of you who have wondered about the sense of scale of this bunny, i hope this really messes you up.

tearing down the pier

poopin' on the pier

self explanatory.

everyone is just fine.

this is to soothe you and ward off any potential alarm that you may experience after reading some of our new posts.

the first morning

"the first morning" what? i guess you're just going to have to read about it! please scroll down.

primed and ready to paint

if some of you have forgotten how fabulous 1970's wood panelling can be, just let me know and i'll be glad to send along some images of the boat interior before we primed. this isn't a trick photo, there aren't any bunnies here, just trying to give you a little buffer before reading the next post!

the english (angora) patient

as far as vet rooms go, this one couldn't get much better. although the diagnosis could've been. nuage had/has a bump on his sweet little ankle. we tried to remove it surgically, with some luck we have slowed it down considerably. it might be growing back, and if it is it is doing so very slowly. we've been watching lots of three legged bunny videos just in case! not trying to be flippant here, just keeping a good attitude...i know this is news for you all...but we've been processing this now for months.

who's more shocked, me or you?

these bunnies have not set paw on land for over 2 months...except for the occasional vet appt's.

say goodbye to hollywood

and hello to the williamette river!

something is a little different

and it's not nuage...although nuage is also a little different.

upon a time...

any of you bloggers out there ever get insta-dyslexia or wish you had it since that might make posting easier? i usually just shut myself down when trying to tell a story that has some sort of cohesion, i've tried to reverse the whole damn thing since images post from the last upload on down, telling it backwards so that it reads from the top of the page downwards and then you try to explain it and it gets even more confusing...throwing chronology overboard, here goes!!