Saturday, June 26, 2010

is this beautiful weather getting you down? bells to the rescue!

bells wasn't sure if all you bunny people knew what an eating periscope looked's his demo.

Monday, June 14, 2010

nuage, and the technology that can barely keep up with him.

these bunnies do not understand the rain unless i take them out in it and let them get soaked which i would never do. so lets just go back to...these bunnies do not understand rain or it's restrictions.

they've been inside all weekend and have been pouting. so yesterday i couldn't take their sad little faces or their ankle nudges urging me to put their towels down. the towels are sort of the textural and psychological drawbridge between the cabin and the rest of the world. well i didn't put their towels down, but i left the door open. they both just got over it, after watching them brave the wood floor i knew they had won. nuage was zipping around so much my camera turned him into a bit of a blur...sorry about the phone video. i gotta mix it up every now and then.

bunnies up, bunnies down.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

viewer: BEWARE!

how can you go wrong with bells in flowers? you can't! unless of course you ran over some of the flowers with your car before you realized that maybe you can drop everything, go back to the cabin, be 30 minutes late so you can go grab a bunny for some quickies. sorry about the dirt speckles, but now he looks like he's been 4 wheelin', oh my rugged bunnies!

decisions decisions....just too much cute to be cut throat.

excessive bunny periscopes below.

blogger! WTheck! changing my posting order against my'll soon rue the day!

has anyone else been having this problem...when i put a title on some posts blogger then switches the posting order and even if i delete and start over it maintains the order it decided to post my images. also anohter thing i've been less than pleased with is, sometimes blogger posts my images without my retouching. i'll upload a photo that has been retouched and when it's posted the retouching is gone. i know this may not seem like an emergency but it is.

speaking of emergencies

sweet thang tamara sent me this link about an angora rescue. my heart pretty much stopped when i clicked on it. for those of you who click, you'll see why immediately, the fats doppelganger! not just his coloring but his attitude! look at those back paws of his just hanging off the table as if, or the look on face saying what are you waiting for???? come get me! of course i mapquested the rescue and they are 3:33 minutes away....what AM i waiting for??? i don't know. my heart feels weird and i'm not sure how much i can take, so for now i just obeyed tamara and sent them a whole bunch of apple branches. if you can help you know where to click.

periscope overload yet?

just doing what we can to pick up the slack for D moll.

Friday, June 04, 2010

post blondie.

blondie had a sound check last friday night. nuage went. he was one of 4 there, front and center too. she commented on how fluffy he was, and then right as i got my camera out to photograph the two of them the sound part of sound check started so i whisked him out immediately. this photo was taken right outside her bummed does he look? the answer is not as bummed as he looks now that i gave him a summer 'do'. photos coming soon!