Wednesday, March 06, 2013

apple branch update = goose on a cool blue roof

what i do to these bunnies for a photo may have you concerned and understandably so. i'm sure the contact info for PETA is out there on the world wide web, and bell's may appreciate you phoning them on his behalf. as a rabbit photojournalist, i have some tough decisions to make.  this morning there was a goose fight on our lower roof.  we think the neighborhood geese have decided this is a pretty cool hangout. adding more interest, we have an abundance of apple branches up there that we'd like to move along to your bunnies and the geese want in on it. you may not think there could possibly be a newsworthy apple branch update, but that's where you're wrong. around 6am we heard little tapping toenails and tiny walking sounds.  then we heard an increase from a seeming landing followed by a mighty bellow of zesty squawks.  that continued on for hours until this goose above apparently won out, staking his claim with his woman. how can i not get a bunny in on it?!?!   bells was not harmed, annoyed perhaps, but now that i look more closely maybe he didn't really even wake up. the photo shoot lasted less than 30 seconds. i apologize for the quality, it's a cell phone.

a BIG shout out to vegansaraus!!!  they did a really nice post on their blog about the apple branch taste test. we love them and we especially love meave!!!  click on this to checkout the most amazing, inspiring and comprehensive vegan website in the universe.

apple branches still available!


Little Miss Titch said...

cute visitor

Unknown said...

Geese are hilarious, they have such comic timing. Great shot!

My partners mum has 2 (she lives in montrose, scotland) and we joke that their gait when they walk up to us is akin to the witches from hocus pocus. I am the only one that the geese don't spit at and try to nip, have been very firm with them on my visits

Glad to see your bunnies are keeping well by the way : ) Kim

SixBunnies said...

Yes, your bunns look so mistreated! I love the comment, "how could I not get a bunny in on it?" Love it! I have always loved your photos, and your bunns are always good sports about the shoots. ... They look extremely well cared for... :)