Friday, March 29, 2013


hello hello help help!!  we have just this morning befriended a new bunny owner and her bunny is not doing well. given all the trouble my bunnies have had over the years i thought i could help her, but she seems to have a set of issues that i have yet to encounter.  so if ANY of you bunny EXPERTS out there have some ideas, pretty please GO TO THE COMMENT SECTION, as she will be checking there for any advice.  

first of all she's in the east riding of yorkshire in a town called hull, so any vet recommendations would be a great start!! the bunny is going to the vet tomorrow, not sure if the vet is an exotics specialist or not, but this woman says the vet treats guinea pigs, rabbits, hedgehogs hopefully!!! although she thinks this is just a regular vet.  

this bunny has lost half her body weight.  she stopped eating as much as she usual a couple of weeks ago and these last couple of days she has dropped off quite a bit more.  only eating parsley, spinach, apple, no pellets and i don't know whether or not she's been eating hay. 

she has been urinating more frequently and the urine has a stronger odor and has not been going in her litter box. i'm not sure about her pooping.  no drooling. very very thin.  still grooming herself, looking for a lot of extra attention from her mama since last nightlicking a lot. this is this woman's first rabbit so she's very new to bunny care and what to look out for...this is a beloved pet and any help or advice that you may have for her would be greatly appreciated.  i've been piecing the details together through little notes back and forth so i'm sorry if i've missed important details! i just wanted to try to help her before i have to run off to work...once again, please go to the comments to help her if you have any ideas, she'll be checking.


Deeper down the rabbit hole! said...

Thanks SO much lovely bunny lady. Bunny & I are off to the vet this morning in half an hour. She has managed a tiny bit of picking through her pellets & some hay, but her attention seeking has tripled, & she seems very upset at having been kept inside in a large carrier all night.
I am still totally open to advice from ANYONE!! & Anyone in my area who is a bunny lover...I am very new to England & don't know anyone yet & would love to introduce my bun to a fellow bun to see how they get along. :) Once she's better, of course.
I will let you know what the vet says. Hoping I won't get a referral to the bunny psychologist! She won't stop licking my socks!

Love from across the pond.

Alice said...

i've received a few emails and thought i'd go ahead and post them in case they would help anyone else out there. also super awesome tamara can't post a comment from her phone! maybe that's the trouble with others so here goes...

from tamara: That's karen wren's blog. She is in the uk and knows everything!!!

Alice said...

from annette: Yorkshire is not that far from me, so I will give you the details of my vet, Margot Hunter, and if you ask the lady to call Margot's surgery and ask for any recommendations in Yorkshire area. Margot is a homeopathic vet but does the regular stuff too and is THE best vert I have ever known.
Margot owns this practise with a partner.

If the bun is still eating that is good, but the foot stomping and neediness indicate that she is in pain and needs attention asap.

Over here rabbits are considered 'exotic' too :)
but if the vet is treating hedghogs, then they will have some expertise for buns too I think. Hedgehogs and cavies are small wee things, like rabbits, so I think the vet should be good.
anyway, Margot hopefully may know of someone in that area, or know of what to do perhaps?

So glad the new owner has been in touch with you - she is welcome to email me if she wants? and I will give her Margot's details.

I'm wondering that the bun may have some pain, because apples are sweet and spinach and parsely are easy to eat. Pellets are the 'last resort' when it comes to rabbit foods! so if they are unwell they will always go for the easiest things to eat first.
And peeing everywhere, means that the bun is probably trying to get your attention - and not feeling well, - an ill bun would not be concerned with a clean kitty litter, and will be trying to 'talk' to you (all my opinion and observations)

Alice said...

from lorraine:
From what you've said it's good your friend is taking her bun to the vet today, it's good it's still eating, but getting them to the vet quickly is obviously the best thing. I'm afraid I don't know Yorkshire at all, but I'll give you the link to my rescues facebook page, it might be worth putting something on there, as there's lots of bunny mad people who might have a better in sight than me. It could be some bladder/kidney problem, has she noticed if the bunny is drinking a lot more than usual?

Here's the link to the Arc facebook page:

Little Miss Titch said...

sounds like a bladder problem which is painful for bunnies though I'm glad that the bun is eating parsley as that will keep the gut going might be a good idea to get some critical care food as this is runny so easy to digest,if she would like some extra support the owner can get in touch with me at as I am in the UK too not in her area but I can still give advice and I am good at finding stuff out too

Little Miss Titch said...

please can you pass on a message to Ellamental as she has contacted me but I am not on facebook get her to email me at as she has said her bun is still not well,Rachel Speedy's mum

Alice said...

speedy rabbit...i contacted her and told her you were trying to reach her. thank you for trying to help!

S. Krausse said...

its usually malocclusion. very common rabbit problem in the uk (i live in nottingham, also just came to the uk last year). did you check the bunnies teeth? the vet will in any case. malocclusion leads to all sorts of bunny problems, and is usually the root of every other problem. let us know what the vet said.